How do you vote?

Washington State has a mail-out & return voting system. There are a couple of ways to return the ballot (or get one). Yesterday both the information pamphlet and the ballot arrived. For most elections the information arrives a week before the ballot.
Living on the Naneum Fan means I don’t get to vote for the city of Ellensburg’s offices.

So for this primary I get to vote for just a single office. At least I don’t have to drive and stand in a line to do this. I’ll drop my vote into a box in front of the County Courthouse next week.
Why do I mention this?
Other places in the USA seem not to have mastered voting. Washingtonians read and watch the news and wonder what the …. are those people doing?
There is coordination between the State and Federal agencies to keep the roll of voters current. For example, if someone goes to another state and asks the Post Office to forward mail, then the PO notifies the State and there is a check to see if this is a temporary move (say snow-birding in Arizona) or a permanent exodus.
Only one info pamphlet and one ballot arrived this year. Deaths are reported to Secretary of State Kim Wyman, who scratched Nancy’s name from the roll. See the 4th paragraph here:

The birds go for cherries as soon as they turn red. The yellow/red ones are not taken as soon, and then mostly the ones exposed. Those hanging under leaves are often left. I could get about 15 pounds, but so far have only picked 2 pounds. I just cut branches off and save the best fruit. I also cut small branches from all the cherry trees. The pie cherry tree has an abundance. There is also one apple tree. The deer eat all I cut – – fruit and leaves.
They then bed down for rest and naps.
Thursday morning I cut a pickup load of brush from behind the house and shed. This I took over and put in with the goats owned by one of the workers for the remodel. A short trip of about a mile.

Left photo is through a bedroom window. Right photo is from the newly converted room from the garage. The house has an ‘L’ Shape.

Early morning and near sunset I have been finishing the demolishing of the camper, plus other cleanup, getting ready for a dumpster. A 20 cubic yard one is on order for next Friday. And I keep watering trees and plants of various sorts.

None of this is very exciting.

From the Naneum Fan