on-going projects

Today is not pleasant for outdoor activities. I did yard cleanup early, relocating and stacking material for use or discard. When the temperature got to about 80° I moved indoors. Now at mid-afternoon the temperature is 93° and there are wind gusts to 33 mph.

Meanwhile, outside a major brush-pile removal project is underway. After 32 years of me cutting trees and brush, and the relentless growth thereof, piles are being hauled off. The material is going into a pit in a neighbor’s property. The hole is the product of a county road project years ago. In a straight line the location is ½ mile away. By road, it is about 1 mile.
The house’s south side got some attention this week. The photos below show the project.
Left- May 28: The floor joists are set on a concrete wall. The ramp is to the open window so the cats can come and go. Right – July 8: Roof structure is ready for shingles and the deck is nearly complete. The outer wall covering has been removed. Hanging insulation will be re-used when windows and French Doors are installed.

Cats now have only a small hole and an outside platform. To the right of the doors there will be a tall narrow window, and beneath that will be large pet door with 2 flaps.

Eventually the far end of the deck will be glass – about 90%. That’s the west side, from which the wind blows most of the time.

In other news, I know 3 people frustrated by medical issues that are not explained sufficiently for treatment and/or cure. Praying types are encouraged to offer assistance. Of course, we all know others that are more seriously in need.
I have a frequent visitor – seen here waking from a nap near the front door.

From the Naneum Fan