I put The Flag out at the end of driveway.
At 9:10 I can still see, but it is time to bring it down. At the time the declaration was made public there was not a “United States”. That didn’t come for many years.
It took until June 21, 1788 for the finalizing of the effort. No one much cares so July 4th, 1776 it is.

I began early with a hair cut on Saturday morning. This is the first time in about 53 years I sat in an actual barber chair in a commercial place. Yesterday I went by a recommended place – the parking places (about 10) were full. This morning I stopped by and was 8th in line with their 4 or 5 chairs full. I was turned off by that and the ambiance (none). There was no reservation allowed – just wait.
Two blocks away is The Barber Chop, with 3 chairs, only two in use.
They have a web-based reservation, so I got signed up for a chair in ½ hour. That allowed me to tackle two errands, and I got back with 5 minutes to spare.
My barber, Arielle (Ari), had to deal with a mass of overgrown hair. We talked this through as she worked. My hair resembled a combination of Albert Einstein’s and Bernie Sanders’, so it was time. She earned her pay and a tip, and we were both pleased with the result. I promised I’d be back before it got long again.

The license plates for the truck arrived today, with a listing of all the fees (costs) totaling $189.00.

But wait, there’s more.
It appears the seller has to contact the State. The plates and title get mailed back. Then the plates and title are re-mailed to me at a cost of $4.80. Next year cost should be a lot less as there are first time items listed.

From the Naneum Fan