Things started . . .

This has been a busy but not an exciting week. I had to take extra sets of keys to the truck dealer in Union Gap. Round trip 100 miles. And from there I retrieved the cargo-cover for the Crosstrek. It was in the Forester, along with the one that was supposed to be there.
The local lumber and tool place had a Milwaukee Day. That’s a tool company. I bought a combo kit with 2 battery powered tools – a drill and an impact driver (bursts of power when it feels resistance). I need to dismantle an old pickup camper. Why?
I have a 30 cu. yd. dumpster arriving Monday, and help coming Tuesday. The camper (not used since about 2001) has hundreds of fasteners (mostly screws with various heads). Snow, rain, and time have made a mess of it.
The door, windows, attachments, inside panels, heater, icebox – all need removed. In reverse mode, the impact driver is the right tool and there is a kit with 32 different heads. So, started today. Not finished.
The remodel of the south wall of the living room started. It will soon have a French door (and more) opening on a covered deck. The siding has been removed and the rest started, but there is a bit of electrical work needed before more is done. Part of the electrical things got done Friday, to be finished Monday.
I signed a Power of Attorney for the CPA so he can contact the IRS as my agent and get the information he needs to complete tax filings. I did a little landscaping (rock and dirt moving) – mostly because I need the physical activity. I ordered a Leer canopy for the truck. The company has a glass supply problem, so I won’t get the canopy until September.
The right-side image is a close look-alike. That truck has back seats and a shorter bed.
I took Almond beverage, Fisherman’s Friends throat lozenges, eye drops and a few other things to the Kittitas food pantry. These things were all purchased just before Nancy’s decline. Now gone. So 1 completion.

I haven’t stopped looking to see where the horses are. After 11 years of expecting a visual fix each morning, or just coming in the driveway, the habit is still there.

There is a storm in the Pacific, off of Oregon and Washington. It is coming ashore late Saturday evening – Sunday morning.

From the Naneum Fan