Word of the week – hectic

I’ll start by mentioning that my sister had a medical hiccup on Thursday. I guess she is okay, but it is hard to know because in her best interest she was taken from a smallish ER clinic to a monolithic hospital. Therein cell phones do or do not connect with the outside world depending on cosmic rays, sun spots, or the concrete/steel/electromagnetic frailties of the structure. She called me last night, and a cousin today. My call tonight did not get through.

Friday morning I carried boxes of tax related papers to an EBRG CPA. I have to get a power of attorney signed so he can talk to the IRS about things. So, slow moving on that front.

Today, the three horses went to a new home. They were purchased early in Nancy’s recovery 10 years ago but we were advised that she could be hurt and bleed internally, so she and I stopped riding. They were lovely animals so we kept them until today. I did not have much success in Kittitas County with moving them to new homes. Friends from the west side thought they could adopt them. I have worked with the horses a dozen times in the past few weeks. Now they would come to a small area (known as “home”) and be handled, haltered, and led around – mostly well mannered. Far from a finished ground-work graduate. Still they loaded into a trailer for the two ladies that are taking them west – and by 5 o’clock they were gone.

The horse activity was interrupted because I have been looking for a simple pickup truck. The Subaru dealer was going to take my truck (F350), Nancy’s Forester, and my Crosstrek – but they could not find anything close to what I wanted. Neither could the local Ford dealer.
Last night a used truck dealer in Yakima posted just such a vehicle and friend Kathy was searching and found it – 6 hours after its posting. When she came for the horses this morning she had the listing, photo, and dealer’s number on her cell phone. I called and told them I wanted to look at it. So Kathy’s husband, Francisco, and I left after I put halters and lead ropes on the 3 horses.
At the truck place I was about to write a check for one truck when Francisco noticed another newer one out a side window. We hopped in that one and took a short ride. Meanwhile, Jennifer, the brains of the operation noticed that Nancy’s name, above mine, was on the title of the Forester. Jennifer said we would need Nancy’s signature. Oops!
However, if I had a death certificate the sale could go forward. Francisco called Kathy and I gave her directions on where to find said form. Francisco and I went for lunch, and got back to the dealer just as Kathy showed up with the necessary document. We cleaned out the Forester – Kathy found $22 to add to the $390 she found in the house last week – and we were soon headed back to the Naneum Fan and the horse situation.
The new ride is a white 2019 F150, 4×4, 8 ft. box, low mileage, and a full bed liner.
At home the ladies (Kathy & Janelle) prepared for horse loading. Francisco and I went inside and he wrote checks for the Crosstrek [purchasing for daughter Maraya ] and for the F350, for his own use. About the time the car dealing was coming to an end, there was a Whoop and a Wahoo! from outside as the third horse hopped into the trailer. Did I mention they had not been in a trailer since Nancy and I brought them home 10 years ago. Further, today was the day they were introduced to Horse Whisper Janelle.
With Janelle and the horses headed west, we cleaned out the Crosstrek of my stuff, and loaded a few things Kathy and Francisco decided to add to their stuff.
They will be back Sunday for the F350, more stuff, and the better of the two horse trailers.
Nancy and I bought our first horse, a Quarter Horse named Captain, in 1978 or ’79. We were up to 5 a few years ago. Now Zero.

Change is sometimes slow – sometimes rapid.
Uff da!

From the Naneum Fan