Not so Nasty News January 29th

Item #1: Really Old

Sister Peggy celebrated 80 this week. Photo was the summer of 1963, I think. Two of the 4 kids had red hair.
Neither of our parents did, but there is red hair on both sides of the families.
Brother’s wife, Kit, also had a birthday, but is a decade older.
Happy Birthdays to you.

Item #2: Calving season

On Thursday I noticed several Bald Eagles in the trees, about 5 miles south of home. How they know when the calves are about to arrive is a mystery to me. I haven’t seen any calves or eagles closer to home. Then again, we haven’t been out and about much.
Will try for a good photo this year. We have several but none of high quality.

Item #3: Candy floss ice

That’s the English term. Here in the USA some call it “hair ice.”
Candy floss

Hair ice

Item #4: To wait, or not to wait?

We will see about signing up in a week or so. We likely won’t see more than 5 people in the next 5 days. Under 6 feet? Tuesday when Nancy gets blood drawn.
Being in a small population rural county, the Covid Panic of 2020 has had moderate impact. Never made the news.
Now that vaccines have started to flow, the County made national news.
Fun with numbers

There it says:
ELLENSBURG – Kittitas County is making national headlines over its ability to administer all its vaccination doses.

Read down and the numbers are not so stunning. There are two places where shots are being given – the goal is 215 per day at each.
They actually did better with a bit over 250 at each site. Eat your hearts out, you with a population of a million or several million residents.

The county folks claim dealing with wildfires has given folks experience coordinating multi-agency activities. So all that you need to do is have more wildfires to make giving Covid shots efficient.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.