House remodeling project & Skyscapes

Monday, Oct 5

Early morning call from Kelly Hunter; coming at 9:00 a.m., Wed, 21 Oct to reconfigure the water plumbing in utility room. It was jerry-rigged when the new floor was constructed.

Late last night I put out on 3 Free Facebook sites, that I was in search of a Child’s Gate:

This morning, my wishes were fulfilled, when a friend (Eva Frink) in Ellensburg offered us a metal one with a door that opens and swings both directions. Exactly “purrfect” for our needs to keep our cats and dog from entering the new room of the house. It’s between the kitchen door and the washroom, with access to our new livable space room where the old attached 2-car garage was. Now John has moved his computer out there and a radio/CD sound system, among a few other things. We want the access for us to go back and forth, but we want to keep the dog and the cats from going out there.Gate closed vs. Gate opened out—it goes both directions.

John had planned to go to Super 1 for a Deli tray, but ended up buying cheese slices of provolone, some Gallo Salami round slices the size of the top of a can, to accompany the package of crackers he brought home from his tray taken to last week’s Pinot Noir bottling. Tomorrow he leaves at 7:30 a.m. to go to White Heron Cellars, for bottling Arvine wine, with a lunch afterward on the hill above the Mariposa Vineyard. He has come back to meet our contractor Walter, late afternoon.

Supper: John fixed a double pepperoni pizza with added diced tomatoes, and grated cheddar cheese. Dessert: Apple crisp heated and vanilla ice cream.

Nancy spent a lot of time on the web with planning a couple of gigs, and then a bunch of time loading dishes into hot soapy water for putting into the dishwasher for running tomorrow.

Tuesday, Oct 6

John left at 7:30 a.m. for White Heron bottling.
I have to do a bunch of stuff to get ready to go to Ellensburg for things on my to-do list.

It’s Tuesday, so I took my weekly medication tablet on an empty stomach and hooked up the Backup Plus drive for its noon backup protection of all the files on my computer’s hard drive.

I went by Bi-Mart to check the winning numbers, and one with my last number in my membership number being a “1”. It was a set of two soft toothbrushes. We have plenty of them, but I got them anyway. Need to find a home for them?
I went by Super 1 for Reese’s peanut butter cups. Got 37 for 78 cents each (2/pkg), with one pd 98 cents for so next Tuesday when we’re in there for our flu shots, I’ll have to get my 20 cent refund.

Went to my bank & deposited a check written to John H, in our joint checking account.
I walked across the street and climbed the stairs to The Gym for 28 capsules of ABX for November, (will be on antibiotics for my dental teeth cleaning in November, and it’s necessary because antibiotics raises my INR reading). Also bought a bottle of Complete probiotic for October & December – I used my VISA Chase ( card for the medical expense, even though it will not be recognized as a pharmacy for the 2% deduction. I know goes into my medical expenses for taxes.

Went by Safeway to obtain my Just4U coupon, and bought 5, Powerade drinks @ 49₵ each. From there on by Amy’s to leave a jar of Peanut Butter, can of tuna fish, and a bag of individual packets of Doritos flavored chips for Haley’s lunches.

Walter came at 4:30 p.m. to consult about the pouring of the concrete walkway in the morning. Hoping not to waste the delivery (and any extra in the truck), John built a 3.5 x 10 ft. form at the entrance to the shed, and three 2 x 2 ft. non-attached forms.

Supper: Long cooked BBQ Pork chops, with onions, Yukon Gold Potato baked, Red seedless grapes. Dessert: Apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.
I washed a huge load of dishes tonight.

Wednesday, Oct 7

4 people here on porch before 7 taking out an old post and setting a new one. 4X4 out; 6×6 in. A 2nd 6×6 will be centered between that new post and the house wall. Walter and son Jesse set the new post in metal bracket and removed old post; concrete will be poured on the floor up to the concrete step seen in the middle bottom of the left photo.
John worked on a forms in front of tall shed. That’s him in the distance. Ellensburg Cement Products truck arrived at 8:05.
The essential item was the slanting ramp under the tall cover. I was the photographer and videographer for all this work. We didn’t get in the house for lunch until 1:00 p.m.

Below is a video I took from the door of the new room where the attached 2-car garage once was, so you’ll need to click on the link to watch the pouring of the concrete for the last few feet to the front entrance door to our house.

Wheelchair Walkway Front Entry Concrete Pour

John went back outside after lunch and then came in for a nap.
He’s back out working again.
Late phone call at 4:00 from friend in Thorp, Gerald, who got his annual physical completed today; earlier in one day than we will. In December we’ll have to drive two round-trips 30 mi each in the winter weather to our PA-C in Cle Elum for two appointments a week apart. I’m still unhappy about that. A “year & a day” between these visits is required, but scheduling always seems to stretch to a year and a couple of weeks.Above taken this evening at 5:49pm facing west from West Ellensburg Park; by photographer, Jennifer Yenter.

Geology today: I researched this past episode from June, to send to the study group with 3 papers sent by Jerome Lesemann from Nanaimo, BC to have for background reading for Friday’s talk.
This was Nick from Home with Jerome Lesemann as a live chatter on British Columbia Geology.

Episode #56 British Columbia Geology? 6/2/20

Supper: Fajita beef, with frozen colorful bell peppers from a package, added one of John’s purple onions, and cheese-its, bowl of red seedless grapes, Apple crisp and vanilla ice cream for dessert.
Going to bed late after writing the KV F&F and the study group.

Thursday, Oct 8

Peggy Coble photographed this from her deck about 7 a.m. today and published it as a gift from God to share with all.

Walter came over early before 7:00 a.m. to remove the concrete walkway forms and check out the project. All’s well, and he was out of here by 7:30. He and John are pleased with the results. There was just one glitch — cute Woody foot prints. Woody is the lightest and the most inquisitive of all our cats. She’d examined all the walkway from the start to the front door where the cat feeding station has been. The first part of the ramp was in the sun and was dry on the surface by 7 AM. The part nearer the house was shaded and not quite dry as she made an afternoon visit. That’s where her tiny footprints are. We had managed to keep our heavy dog and ourselves off the concrete as it dried. Woody’s tiny feet to remember her & her eating (Longhair Tabby)
{John says: The camera had trouble with focus on the plain gray surface, so I added the lens cover for scale, and the cardboard for color.}

Another Robocaller from Out of Area, came through at 8:30 a.m. I have blocked them.
Morning call 9:30 from Pharmacist Tuesday Bosch that our flu shot serum is in and marked for us. She will be on duty for the next week (except Sunday), so we shall go by for our shots, and are to carry in our Medicare cards (just in case they’re required). We’ll do it on our one day in Ellensburg, next Tuesday.

10:00 call from Gerald morning hello; had his exercise, and tomorrow morning goes to Dermatologist in Yakima with daughter driving.
Another Robocaller at 2:43 blocked from Colville, WA 690.Beautiful evening sky behind Barn right off the exit at Thorp, taken at 6:45 pm tonight, by photographer EvieMae Schuetz

Supper: We had a stew like (tomatoes, beans, 2 kinds of meat, pork & chicken, covering of spaghetti noodles, with fried carrot sticks on the side, and dessert of vanilla ice cream topped with strawberries and hot chocolate fudge sauce.

Friday, Oct 9

Friday, October 9, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. for AAC Game Day of Duo. I canceled doing this to work on the music in parking lot project and to send information to the study group for Nick Zentner’s afternoon lecture at 2:00 p.m. today.

John was out working this morning mostly separating dirt (to garden) from rocks, and graveling his trench of rocks on the drip line of the new walkway. He spent time putting unsorted dirt into the old Chevy pickup truck and moving it to a low spot, and rocks into buckets to fill a loading ramp for accessing the back of a pickup. Should mention the Naneum Fan has lots of rocks.

I had a 2:00 p.m. viewing of a Nick from Home show today that lasted 116 mins. Note, there will be nothing on Exotics next weekend, Friday & Sunday because Nick is visiting his mom and sister in Wisconsin.
Added two people to the study group members Earth Science Weekly distribution list from the account and also put on the Earth Science Weekly mailing list for Zentnerds to receive.

‘Nick from Home’ #84 – Exotic I: Stikinia

Supper: French fried onion rings. Cordon Bleu split, some stew-like soup, and small home-grown cherry tomatoes. For dessert, peach pie with butter pecan ice cream.

Saturday, Oct 10

After a long stay up and not getting to bed last night until after midnight, I slept in this morning till 9:30 a.m.
Phone call from Pat Jenkins he’d be coming by around noon to pick up some more discards of the log milling project. John is separating potential rails; side slabs, if they are stout.

We each had all sorts of projects awaiting our attention.
John’s out working in 56.8° temperature with 38 mph gusts measured 5 miles south of us at the airport. He just came in to say he’d had enough. Says, there is a short story he started thinking about – about wind and dust in an “old west” town {by Dorothy Johnson ?}.

I finally got the email off to study group members for Nick from Home series with the information about background materials (scientific papers) for tomorrow morning’s lecture on the next Exotic Terrane being studied, in British Columbia.

Brunch: Bacon, Oven-heated Cinnabon® type Cinnamon Roll on a new layer of brown sugar with chopped pecans.
Supper: Lasagna, Battered Cod, Crispy Fries.

Sunday, Oct 11

Wow, long morning show– almost 2 hrs with Nick Zentner. I began the morning with a cup of coffee and a chocolate milkshake of Ensure and peach yogurt to tide me through until lunch.

John searched for and found a video I wanted to share with the group about Ida Nason, and we previewed parts of it, but it does not have audio with it as the site we obtained it from implies. I need to check with Allen Aronica to find out if one with sound exists. To make it understandable we need sound, or a transcript of what we’re viewing. The video lasts for 41 minutes, plus buffering. It was taken during or after the burial ceremony a mile north of us at the ranch where Ida Nason died (age 103, 1992).

Clear, cold at 42°, sunny, no rain or wind, for Nick’s 9:00 a.m. program outside.
I started at 8:06 a.m. on line to capture comments on starting with pre-show of the lecture. This is a premiere showing by Nick Zentner in ‘Nick from Home’ fall series on Exotic Terranes.
Today’s lecture was long at 116 mins, with a “field trip to his basement” to hear the history of his grandfather, Nikolaus Zentner coming from Elm, Switzerland to America and Wisconsin to the family farm in Civil War times. The family is searching for details of the trip’s destination point (maybe Ellis Island, or Baltimore) and have been unsuccessful. He was seeking advice from his viewers for help tracing the voyage, and showed us the grandfather’s Steamer Truck brought across the Atlantic Ocean. Now to find out the rest of the story.

‘Nick from Home’ #85 – Exotic J: Alexander

Currently, John is mowing some of the high stuff next to the irrigation ditch. He only worked outside a couple of hours because of intermittent rain.

Need to write a note about the music in the parking lot not being held yesterday (for good reason) strong wind gusts to 38 mph, temp 56°. It would have been difficult to tie down the heated tent in the front parking lot (in the grassy spot near the entrance), and uncomfortable for residents to be outside the building.

I had a phone call from a member of the study group from the Tri-Cities, and he and I talked for 23 mins about a project he has coming to me to forward to our group.

Fixed a late chicken noodle soup lunch for me.
Started raining about 2:00 pm and now darkening from cloud cover. We are near the State’s center; the red dot.Yep, that’s a lot of cloud cover all over our region. Rain at low elevations. Stevens Pass got snow; 4,000 ft. and above.

Supper: Chicken breast stir fry, carrots, and more.

Tonight the newly converted room was getting cold. We turned the small wall-inserted heater on and the ceiling fan also came on at its slowest speed. At the moment both have gone off. Nice.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan