Not so Nasty News June 26th

Item #1: Terms

About the word “ledger” or “ledger board”: the term given to the long board attached to the house in the photo. The term, as a noun, often implies a book (especially a large copy of a Church liturgical book, or breviary). Another use is for a stone that covers a grave completely. Search for images. I’m going for one about 10 feet long!
There is also “ledger bait” – who knew?
This is from fishing; it is a bait rigged so that the bait lies on the bottom below the sinker.
The common theme – going back to Dutch (legger) – is that the thing stays in one place, where you put it. Our 20 ft. ledger board is attached to strong structural parts of the house just above windows.
Because the shed roof over the car-park area is supposed to stay there, a ledger board is the solution.

Item #2: Seen

Each week there are different things to be seen on the Naneum Fan. “Mr. Nash” rose and Checkered White Butterfly
Milkweed on the right. Ours is called Showy milkweed ( Asclepias speciosa)

but others are more colorful, I think.
12 Natives

Item #3: Pink cotton

Pink and other colors.

Not too long ago we put white things in a wash with a red cotton shirt. That was a mistake. The pink T-shirt was a bummer, but the pink “briefs” were even more of a downer.
But I digress.
There is a story out of Australia regarding the creation of cotton plants that (might) produce colored cotton. In their way of spelling that is “coloured” cotton.
The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is an Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research. It will be several months before the colourful plant tissue they have created grows into flowering cotton plants; only then will the scientists be absolutely certain of their success.
I’ll wait.
OZ cotton in colors

Item #4: Dust to go

Logo here is from the Kennewick, WA baseball club.

News this past 10 days has had stories of dust blowing off the Sahara Desert. This happens every few years so if you are over 30, it is old news.
Washington State has two interesting dust events as shown in the photos below.Right side photo is from: small Dust Devils

The rolling cloud of dust is from the web – source not known. The clouds of dust cause traffic accidents if they appear suddenly over 70 mph traffic. The small Dust Devils can grow into much larger ones and the sky will turn brown. Dust and wind on the ground is a nuisance but not usually a big issue. Soil heads into Idaho and Montana – that’s not good for Washington farmers.

Item #5: Did you know

On average, a Panda feeds for over 10 hours every day. A human adult follows a similar pattern at home under strict quarantine. Thus the name Pandemic.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.