Not so Nasty News June 19th

Most of the news this week has been nasty!

Item #1: Flowers showing this week

Wild Buckwheat – – most of ours are under a foot tall

Mock Orange (left, bush 12 feet) and Lupine (1 to 2 feet)

Item #2: About cats and others

This photo looks a bit busy. The main thing relates to the future covered walkway. The 4 posts went up Thursday. I’m anticipating the pouring of concrete mid-to-late next week. There are numerous animals that could walk on the fresh concrete, so I am (a) building a temporary fence, and (b) a temporary ramp over a 2 ft. deep trench. Both of these are incomplete in this photo. However, the entrance ramp is usable. It is near right-center, next to the house.
Unfortunately, neither Annie (Brittany) nor Nancy (human) approve of the ramp. I’m adding sides.
Annie keeps trying other, previous, approaches to the house. She tries for 3 or 4 minutes and then will follow me up the slight incline.
Meanwhile the cats adjusted almost immediately.
May be that this is age related. Nancy and Annie are the elders of the household.

Item #3: Hard way to start a day

#1.: A man and his grandson fell from the sky, caught by the trees, then fell to the ground after unbuckling.
The 70 year old was looking for his glasses and the grandson was looking for his phone – under the plane.
An on-looker suggested they might want to move just a little.
All’s well – – in Australia

#2.: While using a laptop computer in her backyard, a woman falls asleep.
A Black bear approaches, claws and bites her. She pounds on the bear with the laptop, and after a bit the encounter ends. A good use for a laptop.
The web link to this story includes a picture of hands using a laptop, but inside a building. The photo of the bear is out in the wilds, not a backyard, and not a Black bear. Looks like a Grizzly, to me.
The story is under a “lifestyle” heading. I’d have gone with “other.”

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.