Begin cleanup

John thinks we should consider this week as the start of fixing up the place. He has been in the garage looking, sorting, and moving things around. There have been some interesting finds.
Fix and remodel will begin this month.

{Photos this week start and end with Mt. Rainier views.}
Monday, Jan 27 This lovely sunrise was taken by Cheryl White, in Puyallup, WA, with permission given to publish.
Cheryl is my friend, Lee Kiesel’s, daughter. I saw it on Lee’s Facebook site. I asked her if she would ask Cheryl if I could use it on our blog, and gave her a link to the blog to show Cheryl.

Today was a full day. We started at 9:00 with a visit from contractor, Jared, about our plans for remodeling our house. He was here for a couple hours. We were able to exchange ideas on plans and timings. There are many things to be done to make the first thing happen, to convert our 2-car attached garage to a livable room in our house, with garage-doors removed, new walls, insulation all around, and above a repaired ceiling. Right now the whole space needs to be cleaned out so the fallen ceiling can be repaired.

We also had to go to town for several reasons. First stop was to deliver a dryer insert for drying shoes, gloves, or hats in an electric dryer. We have no desire to do only that, but prefer to wash our shoes or gloves, and put them out in the sun to dry. In cleaning out the garage of stuff that’s been there and unopened since we moved here in 1989, we found this white plastic thing we had no clue where it came from or what it was used for. I put a request on Facebook sites, and found out what it was meant to do. Then found a person that wanted it. {saved from the dump}This is part of the story of the dryer to explain its insertion into the dryer, sent to us by a reader when she saw the two photos on the right we posted to ask what it was. It would also fit in our dryer with a big rectangular door.

The person that wanted it lives close to another person for whom I had some stuff also found yesterday while cleaning up and we did not need (carrying bags). I took photos to show her, and because she wanted them, we dropped them off on her porch.On to our next stop to pick up Duct Tape we’d loaned out for a short piece they needed to repair something, and while there picked up some very large boxes which had been collapsed and they were giving away. John will use them for holding cans (standard food type, and aluminum) for a trip to a recycling facility.

On from there to Super 1 Pharmacy to get our first of two Zoster shots of the new (& better) Shingles vaccine. We will be called back in 2 months for the 2nd. It’s not hurting now, but is supposed to hurt for the next 3 days. We’ll see how my violin playing goes on Wednesday. (It hurt).

From there to the Senior Center to have John sign the paperwork (liability reasons?). I could not sign for him when I paid our yearly dues last week. We visited a little and then drove by Cohoe Rd (about 9 mi from home) to pick up Jessica (John’s Crosstrek) which was parked there by Evelyn when she picked up the license plate and tabs from the courthouse for her new (old Subaru) purchase. She’s had John’s Subaru for driving around in the snow from S. Cle Elum for about 3 weeks, while she searched for another used car to replace the one that cannot be repaired. She had to go to Grandview (100 miles from her) to find one, but got it for the right price. It had been used as a loaner car by a dealer, and was old, but not with that many miles, and one would assume had always been kept up on its work.

Finally, we got home just as it was beginning to sprinkle, and before dark so John could grain the horses. It started raining harder while he was out there, and got harder through the evening until about 6:30 when it changed to snow. That snow lasted awhile, but quickly changed back to rain, so John had already set up the buckets under the roof line.

I came home to catch up on emails, but mostly to craft a note to a lot of people who follow Nick Zentner. Friday night at the SURC Theater at CWU, I videotaped an hour, 13 min. of the Nick on the Rocks, 6 episodes for this year (the 4th), of the series that streams from a PBS station in Seattle, KCTS-9. I had one video on a tripod focused on the screen throughout the evening, and I took separate videos of the Q&A after the 1st five. I combined them to send to my list of followers of Nick Zentner, and finally got that sent out tonight. Already had a couple of commenters with thanks for my efforts.

Now off to bed. John beat me to bed, but now I’m going – 11:23.
My shoulder from the shingles shot is just beginning to hurt. Great, hope I can fall asleep first, and not lie there in pain. It only really hurts when you lean on it, or touch it, except mine is red and inflamed around it. Does not itch. Also, one of the side effects is a headache. Normally, Acetaminophen cures that but not this one. It doesn’t touch it.

Tuesday, Jan 28

Did not have a good rested sleep all night, because of various interruptions, from cats and dogs wanting outside (without the doggie door open), and for good reason, with John’s finding raccoon tracks in the snow. Now it is raining again this morning.

Glad I don’t have to go to town for anything today.
I have requested a friend, Connie Bright, who is in town anyway to lead a Line Dancing class at the senior center today, to check our numbers when she goes after her class to check her own at Bi-Mart. If we should win a gift, she’ll call me and tell me what it is (and if it is worth driving to town, John or I will make the trip).

I contacted the CWU help desk for computer help asking about access to VPN campus network to update my Word off campus (it’s a CWU copy on my laptop, needing activated). I have to do this at the beginning of every new year. A VPN (Virtual Private Network), allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. Just by accessing and opening a MS Office Suite application (such as Word, ExCel, or PowerPoint) it activates the license for a year.

Today, we had two scammer calls from my own HOME 925-3304 Caller ID, and I am not dialing myself. The first call left no message, second one at 1:50 p.m. on 1/28 Tuesday, left this message: xxxxx — the first part was not recorded in the message left, which starts: “However, we will be disconnecting your license within 48 hrs. as your IP address has been compromised from several countries. So, we need to change your IP Address and license key. So, please press 1 to get connected to the technician.”

No clue, and certainly no intention to press 1. But I searched for some of the words on line, and found reports with almost the same words and that people were getting calls from themselves (on the Caller ID), this has been going on for a couple of years, starting in the UK. I did not leave any comments anywhere. John is getting a pop-up scam when he visits a certain site on the internet – always the same place. He closes and goes again, but the 2nd (immediate) attempt doesn’t trigger the pop-up. The next day will be a repeat.

I’m still hurting (my Shingles shot arm and my head aches, even after 2 acetaminophen). I hope it’s better by tomorrow when I have to play the fiddle and also go to a dental appointment for a filling.

The most common side effects of either shingles vaccine are redness, pain, tenderness, swelling and itching at the injection site, and headaches.

I stayed up for my shower and John went to bed very early. In the mirror, when I was toweling off after my shower, I saw my sore arm from the shingles shot lower down from where the Band-Aid was put, and a red spot (probably from the needle) surrounded by red-inflamed skin. I hope it’s not infected somehow. (it was not) John is less troubled, but his arm near the spot does hurt.

Now I’m finishing up a few things, and heading to bed.
Never put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and never completed a lot of chores I started today.
Went to bed at 11:30.

Wednesday, Jan 29 Happy BD Peggy!

I called and talked to my pharmacist friend Tuesday; her name. We discussed reactions to the Shingles shot. Our experiences are not out of the ordinary.

Made my nutrition drink and set up my red bag. Don’t forget to pack the drink and my pills. Took my Acetaminophen as I walked out the door.

Need to go by Celia’s for a haircut, after I’m done at the dentist’s office. Call her when I leave the bread room. Then I’m only 8 miles away.

Need to look at the digital version of yesterday’s Daily Record for the healing power of music front page story.
I got home after 3:30, and John showed me a lot of what he uncovered in the garage today, and we went outside and inside for a few photos so I can display and get rid of stuff on the free sites. Most things are being stored in a covered shed, so we will do more of the giving away when he is not in a rush. Too, photos will be easier when the weather is nicer.

John came in after sorting and moving things. He had almost filled the truck with trashed things for the dump (transfer station). He napped for a good little while.
While he was napping, I sent him 2 photos of some pictures of a quite old Stanley wood router we were considering buying [did not] from friend Glenn Engels, in the tools of his father, stored at his mom’s house.

We called Peggy our sister tonight to wish her a Happy Birthday and had a nice hour-long conversation. We had not yet had supper, so John fixed us spaghetti sauce on ‘shells’ [Allegra brand] pasta, imported from Mexico. The package leads with “Shells – No. 22.” Is that just a number meaning nothing, or do they sell dozens of different shapes?
I filled in the Fred Meyer sweepstakes for one of gift cards and a grand prize. For filling it in you can get a 50 fuel pt bonus every 7 days.

Thursday, Jan 30

Still need to send note for February’s music schedule to KV F&F.

I sent the note to KV F&F about the Bye Day today, never play music on a 5th Thursday at an assisted-living home.

We froze 6 loaves of English Muffin Bread we got $1 off each on a raincheck. Still have 4 more to pick up by Feb 8, and while we are in town, we should take clothes and accessories by the Ellensburg Clothing Center.

I still need to contact the Geog Faculty members about the jobs list entry application change. It has not made it to the web site for CWU Geography Department yet. Needs changed from a PDF to the required Word document. That has been done.

I’ve been soaking and packing dishes in the dishwasher this morning, and taking photos of the things John’s finding in our garage, which we don’t want. I’m slowly working on those “ads” and then will have to coordinate getting the items to their new owners and out of our sight forever. That distribution is at my convenience, having the person meet me in Ellensburg or Kittitas when I will be available there. Alternative is to pick up at our house.

John continues carting things for further sorting to the hay shed from the garage. It’s slowly beginning to improve, but it’s wearing John out with all the sorting and work. He just found a box of magazines we have no clue why we kept. They should have been recycled long ago.

Today about 3:30 p.m. we will leave to drive to campus for a special program followed by refreshments (a buffet, which will substitute for our supper). The lecture is by a retired faculty member, Rosco Tolman, who came to CWU Foreign Languages department in 1970 to teach Spanish. The title today is, “Winter Travelogue – Way of Saint James, Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile pilgrimage route in France and Spain.

We are eating a late brunch at 2:00 p.m.

We left for the lecture at 3:30 p.m. After it was over, we had refreshments: some sort of cream puff pastry – don’t know what was inside, meatballs in red sauce with grated Parmesan (I guess) cheese, crackers and 3 kinds of cheese cubes – I only had cheddar & Swiss, and we shared a small cup of Hogue’s Chardonnay and another of Cabernet Sauvignon. I did not like the ice water with cucumbers cut up inside. (I’m not a cucumber fan).

We need to call Kit Hultquist to wish her a happy birthday on our trip to town. In the car, the call goes through the audio system and speakers. Works great for 2 of us talking and listening.

Friday, Jan 31

Interesting video from the Kittitas Visual Delights Facebook site, for your pleasure of the morning sunrise today: (Sorry those of you without a Facebook presence who won’t be able to enjoy this moving skyscape sunrise).

I captured a photo at the start of the blue skies (top) and the ending sunrise (bottom) below for you without access to enjoy.Started with a blue sky morning with pretty clouds! Ended with the sunrise. Video captured by Amanda Ross from Ellensburg,WA.

Morning Sunrise Video 1-31-20 Ellensburg, WA

I filled out a thank you note, with a check for our WSJ deliverer, Mya, attached to a bag with rubber bands, plastic bags, and a thank you card for her, and John put it in our WSJ paper tube (delivery container under our mailbox).

We were invited to the Huckabays for Elk Roast dinner tomorrow (Saturday) at 5:30 p.m. their house. I was lucky to be standing on the back 40 to make a call to my neighbor’s long distance cell phone (no charge on the cell, but 15₵/minute on the landline, and received the message that I had a voicemail waiting. I would never have gotten it otherwise because of its being turned off while at home (with no cell reception here). I can access my voicemail on it through my land line, and I suppose I should start doing that on a regular basis, just in case.

Transferred several photos of garage found items (back 30+ years) to give away and put into the BUY NOTHING Folder into the Garage Giveaway Things folder. I still need to crop and snip for smaller size to put in the photos for storage to use on FB or in the blog. I succeeded in getting them off my camera before leaving but have not cropped and snipped them yet.
We went to the Palace tonight with Dale & Kathy Swedberg, who showed up at our front gate a little before 5:30 p.m., and drove us to town. We had a very nice visit. John had time to grain the horses before leaving. We got the dog and cats out to potty before we left, so we could close the doggie door to prevent the raccoon from entering our den for dog food. What we had to eat will be discussed tomorrow with our leftovers described for our lunch, Saturday.

When John left to feed horses, I got dressed. Never finished the dishes. I need to do that.

Saturday, Feb 1

We finally ate a late lunch (after 2:00 p.m.) with leftovers we shared of a tuna melt sandwich (nice and large), sweet potato fries (also a huge helping left), and a very small piece of carrot cake. There was plenty for both of us to have for lunch today, and last night for dinner, John also had a free birthday coupon for his meal, a country-fried steak with brown gravy, green bean & carrots, baked potato with chives and butter. Friends along with us split a Halibut steak (4 pieces) basket, with regular potato fries, a garden salad, and a piece of carrot cake.

I did complete loading the dishwasher and washing all the build-up over the past few days. We were down to no coffee cups this morning, and had to hand wash 2 to use for morning coffee.

Our neighbor from a mile away on Thomas Rd, just drove over to pick up a small box of onions that are beginning to announce spring is on the way. John culls any that show outward signs of change – softening & sprouting. There are more than we have time to cook and freeze, so, we’re sharing with two friends.

We were invited to Diane and Jim Huckabay’s home for an Elk Roast dinner tonight. We carried along 3 bottles of White Heron wine: Roussanne, Rose’ of Syrah, and Red (Bordeaux blend). For dinner we had the roast, green beans (from their garden) & almonds, baked potato, mixed salad, and a peach cobbler made with their homegrown peaches served with Vanilla bean ice cream, and coffee, if wanted. Lovely meal and visit.

Sunday, Feb 2

Morning sunshine on newly snowed-on Mt. Rainier; 73 miles distant.
This photo was taken this morning by Cindi Ackerman, from Ryegrass Summit, east of us on I-90 (at the rest stop). She’s given me permission to publish any of her pictures.

I slept in this morning till after 9:00 after the original ups and down interruptions from cats and dog, and work keeping me from going to bed until midnight.

Too cold to work in the garage so John is cleaning out the wash room high shelves over the sink and clothes washer, totally high and inaccessible packed with containers and cans of things that are very dated by the use by date. He needs the space to move food from the shelves in the garage to be able to proceed with cleaning out the room for remodeling. He’s finding the most unusual things. Just found a large cut glass vase for long-stemmed flowers that is covered with >10 years dust accumulation. He’s uncovered brand new ceramic containers from our past that have never been used, and we will be able to clean and repackage to give as gifts. The variety of things we’re finding is mind-boggling and frustrating how we ever allowed it to happen.

Just finished brunch (eggs, sausage, English muffin toast with apricot preserves) at 12:50 p.m. Back to work for John going through stuff in the garage, and bringing me things to photograph that I can give away on the free sites, or give as gifts to friends. He’s back in the garage now that the temperature has gone up outside and the sun is shining; I’m mainly working on finishing the blog.

John just brought in a couple of photos of me as a baby, my mom and I, our wedding, and I have to go through the box he’s brought into the warmth of the kitchen. Many of the photos are framed. Some I absolutely have no recollection of.

I just spent an hour sorting, looking at, and writing a note on the top of the sturdy apple box, I’m packing into, with protection for the glass framed ones. Not all are framed, some are smaller and in envelopes or in albums, such as our wedding photos. Others are of me as a baby, as a youngster growing up as an only child, of my high school graduation photo, of John’s and my trips various places before and after we were married, color and black and white, of the Wilkins Family (grandmother, grand aunts, aunts & uncles, of my mom’s History Study Club’s 30th anniversary, of some of my cousin’s children as babies, and of the Eiseman-Brannen cemetery plots and headstones where my father is buried in Oakland cemetery in Atlanta, GA. Some of the photos I remember seeing; some I do not, so I was not the one who packed this when in Atlanta. I also thought I went down to pack my mom’s belongings in 1977, but the date on the papers used for wrapping is 1979, the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Going through all this stuff now for the first time since then is eye-opening. It’s been packed for 40 years!
Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan