Not so Nasty News Aug 2nd

Item #1: Not my Rainbow

During the night Thursday and Friday morning an air mass from over the Pacific Ocean came ashore and pushed over the Cascade Mountains. It had just enough moisture for small droplets (mist) to form as it approached Ellensburg – about 7 AM.
I was headed to the mountains for trail work and nearing the I-90 connection I encountered the mist, and a large rainbow. During the next 20 minutes, a rainbow moved in and out of visibility. Farther west the sky darkened, rain increased, and the colors disappeared from the sky. Nice while it lasted.
And yes, we got slightly wet today. Not a lot of water in the air to begin with, and by the time it got to the crest of the Cascades where we worked, not much rain fell.

Item #2: 40,000 Toadlets

My question: Who counted them?

Western Toad young’ens are referred to as toadlets. Maybe all tiny toads are called toadlets but my spell-checker can’t find that name.

Every year there seems to be a few stories about great numbers of something causing issues. Locusts make the news frequently. This year in Whistier, B.C., it is the Western Toad. There are thousands of tiny ones, so the resort municipality has closed the Lost Lake access road, a parking lot and the events lawn. Likely more things were closed after the article was written.
40,000 toadlets force closures

Item #3: Not so tiny hail

This from the Edmonton area. LINK

Not much text, but a couple more photos and a video link.
A better video and more: Here, but I had to watch an ad.

Item #4: Onions

Saturday; an errand in the morning to pick up wood boards someone is giving away, and then in the afternoon, we go to someone’s birthday party.
Sunday I plan on digging, sorting, and start the drying of my onions.
I have 3 types of reds and 3 types of whites; both short and long keepers. Next week there will be pictures.
Until then – cheers.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.