Not so Nasty News July 26

Snow Lake, Washington Cascades, July 22 {by John}

Item #1: Celebration of Light
I’ve no idea what this is about but in looking for something nice to mention, it was the first thing I found.
best fireworks display

There is a catch: Instead of driving, organizers say riding a bike to the festival is a great idea.
We’ll pass. Thanks.

Item #2: How to waste time

I spent way too much time reading food history this week. See Larder

This started because folks on a blog were writing about the wet weather in the central USA, namely “how was the food supply” going to be? Typical comment: Our dumb governments haven’t filled the larder. Remember the Bible’s “7 lean years?”

We have extra food in the house but none of it is “larded” (except me, of course), and we don’t actually have a larder. We do have some shelves and an extra freezer.
When I win a 40 million dollar lotto I will have a house built with a proper larder – and hire someone to be the larderer. Maybe we’ll have a saucery and a scullery too.
While waiting for the lotto win, I’ll hang a couple cans of Spam from a hook in the garage.

Item #3: Thanks for being you

The sign to the right is not one of them, but I thought it cute.

From Calgary we get mysterious signs. No not that kind. Actual printed signs – red background, white letters.
You are loved

Item #4: Sammy Seagull

“. . . she suspects Sammy Lee returns to her home in search of leftover food that the family sometimes throws over the deck in the backyard.

Here’s an idea – don’t throw food over the fence!
I should not be giving advice on this. Sunflower seeds seem to attract every known animal.


For the record, the video is not hilarious. Boring is a better term.

Item #5: The Golden City
Ballarat is a town in Australia that had a gold rush in the 1850s.
rush to bust

News from the place this week is again about gold. Retiree finds 70 ounce gold nugget

This week, meanwhile, I won a dollar with a lotto ticket.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.