Not so nasty news March 15th

Item #1: Images

Item #2: St. Catty’s Day

You may not need this prayer:

St. Gertrude of Nivelles, ask you I pray
a last thing I beseech from thee,
Protect my sofa from claws and my carpets from pee.

From: Prayer to patron saint of cats

My favorite cartoon – Breaking Cat News – introduced this previously unknown (to me) saint. Intro and first of several. Follow the week’s entries by clicking on the forward button ( > )under the right side of the panels. Friday’s panel is cute.

I wasn’t going to use this, but Monday, while waiting in the doctor’s office in Seattle, I noticed much cat hair on both Nancy’s and my lower legs. I had on my cleanest dirty pair of dark blue jeans.** What we need, instead of a prayer, is a hand-held mini-vacuum.
[** Hear Kris Kristofferson perform “Sunday Morning Coming Down” lines at 22 to 32 seconds. Video link

Item #3: Regarding Pepperoni

The major controversy in the Nation seems to be whether or not the pepperoni on a cooked pizza should remain flat or curl or cup-up when cooked. In the image at the top, the choice is to have it look like little cups. Most big chains opt for flat.
Marco’s, America’s eighth-largest pizza chain, has offered both lay-flat and cupping pepperoni, which it calls “Old World Pepperoni,” for about seven years. “We see people requesting the Old World more and more,” said Steve Seyferth, the company’s chief marketing officer. The cupping style was featured in the company’s latest TV commercial.

Y’all can discuss at your next pizza meal.
The image of the store here is the Marco’s in Parma Heights OH, closest to sister Peggy. So, Peggy – take your friends to Marco’s. Order pepperoni of both flat and cupped styles. Let me know what the elder Parmesans think of this?

Item #4: Carly

From the Clydesdales’ barn

Budweiser Clydesdale Puppy Love Super Bowl 2014 Commercial [ Link ]

Item #5: Approaching blossom time

This site may be of interest.
Washington D. C. cherry blossoms

One of our grape vine pruners says to skip the mall and go to the Botanical Gardens

More to see; fewer people

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.