She’s working on it

At the bottom of this page, it says this entry is posted as Humor.
She has promised “later” tonight, or in the morning.
Some of her writings were before the computer “blinked” and so it is indeed like finding the way out of a maze.
The need is to get last week’s stuff in order, and to get the new week’s stuff (and images) composed.
Yesterday, the wrist-band blood pressure device quit. She needs one to know how much of one medicine to take.
BiMart has a great return policy, but the place is 20 minutes away. And dealing with the return makes the in-store time double, compared to just walking in and buying a new one.
They had a winter boot clearance sale. That improved the experience for me.

The weather folks had been predicting a series of snowfalls. We did get 3″ today and may get some more, but serious snow and wind seem to be coming in south of us and wrapping to the northeast. Suits us.
Our local weather station at the airport is still reading 15 to 20 degrees high. See my previous ‘Not So Nasty News’ post. At the bottom, click on previous.
Neighbor Allen went by with his tractor, on the way to clear snow from a space for a cattleman friend, and on the way back cleaned our drive. If it snows again tonight we won’t have so much to drive over tomorrow. Nancy needs to get to the Lab at the hospital for a drawing of blood; an INR check.
It is now 7:55 — so I’ll guess not much else happens tonight.

Near Cleveland, where Peggy lives, they are expecting 60 mph winds during the night. Highest so far is 53.

Okay. Stay warm and dry.