There is to be a day or so delay in getting things posted this week.
Likely we will get the blog out mid-Monday, Pacific Time.

As you can see from the photo, Nancy and a few of her friends were partying!


This Week’s Not So Nasty News

Item #1: New phones

Nancy and I just ordered new phones, the Motorola MOTO E4 Plus, with an Android 7.1 operating system. They arrived via mail on Thursday but we both have been busy. We hope to get them ready for use on Saturday.

This brings us into the very early 21st century. We hope they will be able to connect to a network from here on the Naneum Fan – unlike the ones we now have.
Our car guy says they will work in Nancy’s 2014 Forester. This phone is said to have a very good camera for its price.
The base price is $125, +$10.00 tax, and we also ordered hard glass fronts and a wrap-around case. Add another $13. So almost $150 each.
Nancy’s wrap-around cover is black. Mine is red – so I can better keep track of it.

Item #2: Lemonade stands

Seems as though there is a lemonade story every week.
This one is from Ballston Spa, New York, named after Rev. Eliphalet Ball, a Congregationalist clergyman. But that’s not all. The village lies on the border of two towns and is partly in the Town of Ballston and partly in the Town of Milton.
The village was famous for its spring used for healing in sanatoriums. The water contains salt and other minerals. Now the town is home to the Saratoga County Fair – just ended. This year’s admission fee was $12, 2 bucks more than our County’s fair that starts in September.
A bit of digression there, but I learned something.**

So back to lemonade:
Brendan Mulvaney, was selling lemonade
. . . when riot police from the NY Health Department showed up.
Okay, no police, just a woman in a T-shirt.

Deep in this story is this:”The youngster was charging 75 cents a cup for pre-mixed lemonade, while fresh-squeezed at the fair was going for about $7.

Personally, I would have shut the fair down for price gouging and allowed young Brendan to enlarge his business.

~~~~ About electric railroads~ ~ ~ ~
**story as text – Kaydeross Railroad

story as visuals

Item #3: CPR rescue – not about me

Crew leaders for Washington Trails have to have a first aid class. It is not really enough for what we do and where we go, so many folks get more training: a Wilderness First Aid (2 day) class, or a Wilderness First Responder course, 9 days. In the simple Red Cross first aid class we do learn to call 911, how to do CPR, and use an automated external defibrillator (AED).
Thus this story caught my attention.
This is about Chris Parsons, a street performer – clown type – who was in Saskatoon to have a good time. The big street party is called Fringe Festival.
That story is here: CPR

Twas news to me that “Fringe Festivals” exist at all. But then we are not much into such things.
Some information here: Fringe

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.

A late Mother’s Day note

Better late than not at all.
Today involved a trip to town and took 3 times longer than anticipated.

We’ll use this as a notice that Monday morning we will get Nancy’s weekly stuff out.



Happy 4th of July

We’ll work on Nancy’s writing effort on Monday. Meanwhile, consider:

Representatives of thirteen colonies participated in a Convention from May 25 to September 17, 1787, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On June 21, 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth colony to ratify the document completed in Philly, and it was subsequently agreed that government under the U. S. Constitution would begin on March 4, 1789.

It might seem that March 4, 1789 should be considered the “birthday” of the United States of America. Other choices are possible.

There is, of course, the Declaration Independence. The first public reading of this document was on July 8, 1776. However, the official date of adoption of the Declaration is given as July 4.

The USA celebrates its birthday on July 4, representing a birth about 13 years before its existence. Hope that clears things up for you.

Go Figure! Regardless of all this: Happy 4th of July

Here is the flag.

Nothing ever happens

Well, of course, stuff happens.
That is why we cannot get a grip and post a report by Saturday or even Sunday.

Looking for Monday Noon posting and that is Left Coast Time.

Now, time for pie & ice cream. Then sleep.

Sweet dreams.


Down at the grocery store there is a machine with a chair. You can sit in the chair and there is an apparatus to check your blood pressure. If the machine senses your blood pressure is too high, it won’t let go. You are stuck there until a medical team shows up to evaluate you. The EMTs were on an accident call and we were stuck there all of yesterday.
That’s why we are late getting a regular events of the week report prepared.
Bad joke, huh?
John is thinking we will post late Sunday evening. Yikes!

John will be gone from 7 AM to 5 PM on Sunday and by then Nancy will have gotten all the parts together. She has taken and posted a short video today based on the events that led to this photo:

This image is taken from Nancy’s video.
She was standing near the front door and the fence is 20 feet away.

Cream or Ice Cream?

We are working on the week’s report but it is now 9 PM here on the left coast and we are not done – and there are still a couple of pounds of Strawberries to work on. So the blog will appear on Sunday.

The title comes from the fact that the favorite snack at the tennis doings at the All England Club (Wimbledon) is fresh Strawberries with cream. Interestingly, this year has produced a bumper crop of berries – so many that they confidently wait until the day of use and begin picking at 5 AM and they have developed good estimates of how many they need.
We are looking for the serving size and cost. Not yet found.
Like England, the Naneum Fan is having a great Strawberry season. I (John) picked about 6 pounds of Strawberries this afternoon and Nancy fixed 2 pound-packets of the nicest ones for neighbors. Neither neighbor has responded to Nancy’s call, so we may have to eat them all. Meaning, also, we will have to clean, slice, and freeze them. More to be harvested tomorrow.
Those less than perfect berries are yet to be done – soon now. They will be served with ice cream. There is one of life’s little mysteries – tennis royalty likes cream, we like ice cream. How has that come about?

The Grandstands placeholder

from John

It is Saturday evening and the sun has just gone down behind the Cascade Mountains and Nancy is far from producing her report of weekly doings. She promises to have it ready for me to work on “real soon now.”

I am counting down not just the year 2013 but the days to my rapidly approaching birthday at the end of the coming week. I have been busy building the grandstands for the parade so thought I’d show it to you. Nice? Yes. We are expecting a big crowd.

2 small aqua and white benches; smaller on top of the other
Birthday grandstand


This week we have been as busy as the ball careening around in an old pin-ball game machine.  When one got a bit too animated with one of those it would stop working and the word “TILT” would flash on the screen.  That statement might dredge up a few old memories from your high school or college days.  Here’s more:

So, anyway, the point of this is that for this Sunday evening we have hit the TILT switch.  We’ve been too busy.  We prepared for and went to a potluck today and didn’t get home until 5 and then had some clean-up to do and horses and dogs to care for.  Nancy and I were working on different aspects of a post for this weekend and neither of us finished.  It was an interesting week and we’ll get it sorted out and posted by Monday evening.  But for now – here it comes: TILT!


FRIDAY — John thinks . . . (by John)

. . . the country is becoming more dysfunctional by the day.

Reason One:  I report this because we need to make a modem and wireless network change and if it doesn’t work we may be out-of-contact for a short while.  We got fed up with the phone dial-up connection in the summer of 2008 so before the CWU term started we agreed to unload a bundle of cash and signed on with the local phone company for a high-speed (DSL) connection.  Most everyone I talk to seems to have a bit of a problem with dropped connections and we have been no exception.  The problem has gotten worse.  About six weeks ago the cute little red light on the modem started coming on every time a national politician said or did something that was stupendously stupid.  This finally initiated a response.

Last week we called the Company’s customer’s service line, and this being a national company got someone in North Carolina (we think).  The nice lady looked at our digital records and agreed that the connection was dropping frequently.  This I had just told her.  She said she would write up a ticket on it.  We said “Thanks” thinking this meant someone would do something about it.  By this Friday we hadn’t heard a word and began to wonder what “writing up a ticket” actually meant.  I now think it means that if their caller-ID shows it’s us – no one is supposed to answer it.

This morning I wrote a friendly letter addressed to “internet guru” and carried it into the local office – passed it through a hole in a glass barrier – and left.  I wrote about the mysterious lady from the East Coast “She then told us she would write up a ticket.  We don’t know what that means.  The only tickets we have ever gotten were concert tickets or speeding tickets.  What is a DSL/modem ticket?  When should we get it and what do we do with it once we do get it?

An “internet guru” called a few hours later and suggested our modem was likely worn out – “they only last about 18 months”, she said — and if I would stop by she would have a new one at the front desk for us to install. “Great,” I yelled as I headed for the door.

Reason Two:  I’ve mentioned a bill we’ve gotten.  There were two charges for $110 each.  A month ago, I wrote a letter.  It was a nice letter.  I ended with: “I will send a check upon hearing from you if these are charges I should pay now.”  This week a new billing arrived.  One of the two charges was settled by the insurance company paying $99.60 but they still wanted $110 from us for the other – no explanation included.  Nancy called this morning.  That charge had now been settled by another payment by the insurer and our balance was $0.00.  “Great,” I said, “will you be sending us a statement saying so?”  Does it not seem logical that if they have billed us for $110 but now we don’t owe anything at all that they would tell us.  Oh no.  They don’t send out statements like that.  Nancy shut me up before I got to ask what they would have done with my check for $110, the envelope, and the cancelled 44¢ stamp.  Nancy has an appointment in that office in April.

Reason Three:  Mail.  Forms.  Rules.  Reports. Okay, that’s four things.  We signed up for Social Security in October and Medicare shortly thereafter.  A flood of mailings followed.  Some make sense.  Some are unnecessary.  Some are undecipherable.  Each one has a cost.  To the government.  And to us.  If we can’t determine what we are supposed to do, then it takes a phone call (more cost to them).  One letter this week came and a phone call revealed that in the fine print on page three (or was it page 4) it stated that we could ignore this form (page one said respond in 10 days) if Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus were all aligned ten degrees right of Pluto on the day it arrived.  Who could have guessed?

Oh, Nancy was back at the hospital for another poke with a needle today and as she sat in her walker the doctor that saw her in the emergency room and instigated the “find the bacteria” blood draw way last year appeared and greeted her as though he’d treated her yesterday.  He is what they call a “hospitalist” and confirms our belief that these folks (all the medical professionals) – are amazingly good at what they do.  She was pleased that she got to relate her ongoing story to him because she thinks of him as the first of the life saving professionals in her life.