Not so nasty news Nov 23rd

Item #1: Cats

Comic by Georgia Dunn — Breaking Cat NewsHave you ever offerd a cat “space” goo?
We’ve not been big fans, but the medical folks, in the past, suggested Cranberries and blood thiners interact.
The Cranberry folks beg to differ. HERE
That is from a few years ago. So, if you like space goo, and you are taking Coumadin, ask trusted medical pros about it.
If you do not like cranberry products, it saves you the trouble. And that’s the good news.

However, never allow animals (dogs, esp) to have sugarless chewing gum or anything else made with Xylitol. If you suspect a dog has eaten such, get to your veterinarian, pronto.

Item #2: Also cats
Some signs that you might have cat DNA.

Item #3: Another cat

You need to know about Brexit.
Item #4: For you ‘cats’ that wonder about government efficiencyOnly a couple more inches and water will run in.

Item #5: Life is good
By now you know about ‘killer’ Romaine. It is hard to say how salad lovers are taking this. For the rest of us there is chocolate, wine, Scotch, cake, and pie.Well, Thanksgiving is over but there are lots of leftovers, and more holidays.

Before signing off:
Washington is getting snow in the mountains. Not good for cross-state travel – I-90 is closed because of accidents. Chinook Pass is closed until spring. Stevens Summit has snow, and travel restrictions.
Irrigators are watching with glee.

Also, no one was seriously injured when a bus (1 of 6) carrying Washington’s Husky Marching Band went off the road – about an hour east of Ellensburg, on the way to Pullman. Still, the band did not get to play at the big football game – The Apple Cup.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.