This Week’s Not So Nasty News

Item #1: Another police – animal rescue story

Not much to say about this.
It ends well.
Women on inflatable rainbow unicorn rescued from Minnesota lake.

The Unicorn needs rescued

Item #2: Bacon education


We learned to cook from our mom.
We were expected to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic at school.

Item #3: A first

I saw one of these crossing the road on Thursday. I was in my car 100 miles from home. They are found locally, but I’ve never seen one.

Item #4: Here he is! Climbing out the tree.

Man meets tree, tree met Hurricane

Trees don’t have a choice. They are where they are. Most would have enough sense to get out of a gale – if they could.
Not so for reporters. Think about that.
His name was James Cook. I’m related to a whole bunch of Cooks.
Hurricane was named Lane. We had a friend named Lane but lost track of her. We have lots of trees.
The tree gets no respect. Neither kind nor name is given.Item #5: stories behind popular pigments
This is just interesting. Well to me.

When I was teaching, we did a segment on rocks. One type is called Porphyry. A version is quite purple and hard to come by.
Ancients of the eastern Mediterranean made slabs of it and built rooms in which the queen would give birth. (This article mentions another very expensive purple, a dye.)
A male child born in a room built or lined with Porphyry was said “To be born in the purple.” LINK

More about the dye: Tyrian Purple

If you like ancient history, you can find lots to read about where the rock came from, how it was mined and transported, and its importance.

Item #6: Wild strawberries

When I was young, I would stay at my similar aged cousins for a week or so each summer. I remember us picking (very small) wild strawberries on the hill behind the farm house. They were very tasty but in a town not too far away, the grocery sold soda-pop. Holy cow!
We would pick berries, and Uncle Ed would carry them to town and sell them to the grocery. I don’t remember the rest, although I do remember riding to town on bicycles. Perhaps, to buy a soda with some of the money. Or just because.
Anyway, we picked berries, ate some, sold some, and drank pop.
That’s why I liked this story from Prince Edward Island.
a tradition: the strawberry social

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.