This Week’s Not So Nasty News

Item #1: Get a map

Jeffery Phan and Michelle, with two small children, crossed into British Columbia – and disappeared.

Geography matters!

Oregon to Alaska is a long long way:
The RCMP said the family was unaware of the distance involved . . .

725 miles from the US border, still in B.C., they ran out of gas and began to walk.
All is well that ends well.

Item #2: A map would not have helped

Diva, the traveling cat crossed into B.C. but did not disappear.

Diva is from Sherwood Park, just east of Edmonton, Alberta. She hitched a ride to the Vancouver Island town of Duncan, B.C., southeast of the City of Vancouver, and directly east of Bellingham, WA.
She was 560 miles from home, 48 hours without food or water.
The trip back home was faster.

Item #3: Darn ! ?

Good news or bad news – you decide.

Bourbon storage facility collapses

Item #4: Wine: to drink or not?

Also about drinks, this story is good because it means someone with money stashed away is going to put some back into circulation.

Penfolds Grange

Item #5: There is a lot of stuff !

This seems interesting. Earlier this month a lot of old things were on display at Monroe, WA., about 30 miles from Seattle.
You might call some of it junk, ’cause art is in the eye and mind of the beholder. They’ve got stuff that’s vintage, handmade, and “repurposed antiques.”
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Next is a batch {48} of large (file size; slow loading) photos. I have a Nikon that can take large file size photos. Useful only if you want to get large format prints. I don’t, and they should not put them on the web like this.
GalleryIf you are not interested in lots of other people’s junk, don’t look.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.