TUESDAY — well within . . .

. . . the time frame for holiday music as there are just 10 days to go.   Yakima’s First Presbyterian Church is a block from the hospital and their Carillon Bell Tower (or a loudspeaker with recorded sound) provides a nice touch for a minute as I arrive or leave.  Nancy would enjoy this but the only outside sound to enter her room is from the helipad on the top of the next building.  Anyway, it was a snowy-wet day in Yakima but warm enough that I could pause and listen for a few moments.  Nice touch.

At about 2 A.M., Nancy woke from a dream (or not quite woke) and decided she had the wrong clothes on for whatever it was she thought she was doing.  She claims to have just about gotten out of bed and was removing the sensor-sending units stuck to her body which triggered the arrival of the night crew.  When I arrived at Noon those folks were long gone and I don’t know what, if anything, got recorded regarding the incident.  Maybe there wasn’t an incident.  Nancy says so, and had on a new clean open backed hospital gown provided after the sensors units were restored.  Her story and she’s sticking to it.

The team of doctors is scheduled to meet on Thursday of this week to decide if she is ready to transition to a skilled care facility. One of the team visited with her mid-afternoon. If this means a few tests on Wednesday they haven’t informed her as of 6 PM.  They may be getting what they need from the on-body sensors.  This is yet another mystery to the uninitiated.  In her two day stay in this unit Fri/Sat after Thanksgiving they wheeled equipment into the room and did a chest X-ray and an echocardiogram; maybe more.  So, I think such may be done now either in-room or elsewhere.

I got a list of the local skilled care facilities from the Social Services person.  I used Google Earth to locate them and in addition to “where they are” I could get a sense of the neighborhood.  One is directly across the street from Yakima’s largest high school.  Another is just off a main street in a neighborhood one would not consider idyllic or serene.  They all come highly recommended (tight regulation and control here in WA State) so location and ambiance can be considered.  We are wondering if such places have high-speed internet connections.  A question for tomorrow.