MONDAY late afternoon

Nancy is still tracking smoothly today.  I managed to get there today shortly after a rep from the rehab unit arrived.  It didn’t take long to determine that would be an inappropriate place for her.  They expect a person to do 3 hours of physical activity each day.  At the moment Nancy tires after getting out of bed and into a chair.  About when that person left an occupational therapist arrived.  These folks seem to be the ones that assess your ability to function with regard to chores such as dressing, bathing, eating, or some other number of things.  I really have read this list but that was about 7 years ago.  Anyway, this lady went and found toothbrush, paste, cup, water, paper towels – and then let Nancy brush her teeth.  I don’t remember ‘teeth brushing’ on the list I read.  After watching Nancy and some input from both of us, I think we convinced her that Nancy would be able to take care of herself as soon as her strength returned from 3 weeks of total inactivity.   The problem is that when that happens Nancy will have open heart surgery and we hit the ‘replay’ button.

We did get this person to call the hospital social worker’s desk and they sent a lady who was a bit more helpful.  We expect that within a day or two or three that the doctors involved will have a get-to-gather and decide when to turn Nancy loose – to a skilled nursing facility.  There are several choices, including a couple of places here in E-burg but, at least initially, I think closer to the heart center is better.  The ridge tops on the way from E-burg to Yakima top out close to 2,400 feet and can get freezing rain in the Winter.  That makes for nasty roads.

I have 3 inches of snow here at home.  3 miles south there is no snow and that holds all the way to Yakima.  But the weather folks think there will be about 5-7 inches of snow tonight maybe changing to rain during the early morning.  The winds are shifting, to come more out of the SE –and upslope.  Thus the precipitation in this near-desert country.  So, I’m going back down now and if the roads are too bad I won’t go tomorrow.  Nancy’s talker isn’t working well but her ears are fine so I could call if I decide not to make the trip.  All for today!