Crazy full week

Sunday, June 25

For June 24 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.00. Events: 1 PP, no H, 7 RERA. Time on 6 hrs 12 min with (max = 11 L/min). Oximetry: SpO2 low 88 (spurious 71% SpO2, lowers avg. calc), no events <88% with overall avg., 92.7%. Pulse avg. 54.1, low 49.

John left for Mt. Rainier at 5:40 a.m. for Mt. Rainier National Park at the White River Entrance. The day’s work was to provide access to the Emmons Moraine Trail. This is a side trail off Glacier Basin Trail.Work Site – bottom center . . . . ramp, crew, trail on moraine

The work was to build ramps to a log bridge across the Inter Fork. Two other teams had different projects: 1) cutting a path up the side of the moraine, and 2) placing stepping stones across a shallow channel.
It’s scheduled to be 99° high here today. Thank heavens for our fixed a/c. It only made it to 97°.

Spent over an hour on cleanup computer things…until the Internet shut down and stopped me.

I spent a lot of time on the music for this coming Thursday and Friday.

The furnace starting ticking and I turned it off for awhile, in case it had reheated. Hindsite says that’s what happened, but I had a/c for most of the rest of the day, after turning it back on after walking.
Walked up the drive with Annie and called Peggy. Temp on the front porch was 92.5°, but at the airport, it was 90. I continued in the shady parts of the driveway as long as I could while Annie ran around, into the pasture, and got in the cool irrigation ditch.

John just called at 5:35 from Naches and is 1¼ hrs away. He only ate his two pieces of pizza on the way home. It was way too hot there, and they all got exhausted and spent time rehydrating at a picnic table before coming home. He won’t need any supper, so I’m to go get a cream pie to have with the strawberries we fixed last night. I ate a few for lunch, but there’ll be plenty for us both tonight. John arrived sooner than expected, at 6:31. Temp is still > 90°. He came in hot and turned the cooling “down” but the fan did not come on. It worked all day until the last 2 hrs, maybe. Phooey, but I’m very happy I had it during the hottest days of the weekend. I have put in a call for the technician to return tomorrow, if possible. At least we can cool the house down tonight, but it’s up to 80 now after being 77 all day. Temperatures are supposed to decrease over the next few days, so, if we have to wait, we won’t die from the heat.

Monday, June 26

For June 25 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.16. Events: 1 CSR, 1 H, 1 PP, 15 RERA. Time on 6 hrs 25 min with (max = 13 L/min). Oximetry: SpO2 low 89, no events <88% with overall avg., 93.1%. Pulse avg. 51.8, low 50.

Last evening I reported the non-working fan on our furnace to the place and person who came to our house last Friday morning. He showed up with a Thermostat in our drive, about 11:30 as I was getting ready to leave for my first appointment in EBRG. I’m happy John was here. No one called before coming. (Not a good business practice in all cases, I’m sure).

Meeting with my (voluntary) nutritional adviser at 12:30 on my way to SAIL class. She measured my body fat and calculated my water retention. Indications are that I’m dehydrated, and my dry skin reflects it as well. She gave me a bunch of inspiring and positive comments and suggestions about eating the correct foods for my best health, and why, while considering all my needs and medical background restrictions. The measurements she took are going to be made every 2-3 weeks. I must eat something every 3 hours (I find that frequency difficult). Main “diet” is limited to proteins, fruit, veggies, and good carbs.

After that I got to SAIL a little late, but still did most of the exercise. Then home to check out the working a/c, fixed this morning. Nice to have it back.

Meals –
a.m.: banana, pineapple, pear, strawberries, w/dry toast. Now I know that bread was a bad addition (ate before our talk).
afternoon: banana and nuts
p.m.: small ground beef patty, mushrooms, yams, tomato slices

Tuesday, June 27

For June 26 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.00. Events 2 PP, 19 RERA. Time on 6 hrs 45 min with (max = 12 L/min). Forgot to do Oximetry

Horses were in the wrong place for the day. Had to be moved.
John called them and they went where we wanted them, and trotted off to the lower end of our pasture. We would both be gone and now they had 3 fences between them and the road.

We had time for breakfast. We left for a 10:30 appt in Yakima at Subaru service for oil and lube scheduled (paid for at purchase of car) on John’s Crosstrek. We had to pay extra for a tire rotation. We weren’t thinking and should have said no and gone for free rotation at Les Schwab. Live and learn. Still, that negated the special trip to another place just for a rotation. That’s worth something.

A.M. – piece of omelet, strawberries, and 3 chunks of pineapple.
lunch – nuts and fruit
supper – cod, tuna, pineapple, tomato, pear

Rest of the day was taken with necessary chores for events the end of the week.

Wednesday, June 28

For June 27 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.16. Events: 1 H, 22 RERA. Time on 6 hrs 24 min with (max = 15 L/min). Oximetry: SpO2 low 92, no events <88% with overall avg., 95.0%. Pulse avg. 51.0, low 49.

Food bank for lunch (I took my fruit – pineapple, tomato, and tuna fish), added some mixed salad from the buffet for eating after playing music. I had picked up Gloria on the way in, and then we went to SAIL exercise at the AAC.

Supper: small beef burger with guacamole (I made with a mix added to 2 avocados), piece of grilled chicken, mushrooms, fresh pieces of tomatoes, pineapple, and small piece of raw cauliflower.

Working on music for tomorrow and Friday.

Thursday, June 29

For June 28 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=1.01. Events: 1 CSR, 6 H, 2 PP, 19 RERA. Time on 5 hrs 58 min with (max = 8 L/min). Oximetry: SpO2 low 91, no events <88% with overall avg., 52.0%. Pulse avg. 52.0, low 43.

Lost everything I had written here yesterday with Word crashing last night.
So, in summary:
We had a practice session for the music for Friday, that we shared with people at Hearthstone. We chose them for our practice because Amy & Haley cannot be with us at the AAC, at tomorrow’s celebration, because Hearthstone has a special Luau that includes her dancing at noon, just when we will be playing.

John will be gone on a Friday and a Saturday trip, and is making preparations.

Friday, June 30

For June 29 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.19. Events: 1 H, 2 PP, 16 RERA. Time on 5 hrs 22 min with (max = 6 L/min). Oximetry: SpO2 low 91, no events <88% with overall avg., 93.5%. Pulse avg. 52.5, low 50.

John left early for trail work on the Snow Lake Trail (to The Pass and north). He detoured into Ellensburg to pick up Kristin Ashley, who went along as a WTA worker. At a dry stream, a step was placed – the flat rock, then “rocked” into place. Kristin uses rocks from a stockpile to her left. Note where her right foot is.Lunch; mostly a Goldman-Sachs group.
The right photo shows the step at the edge of the water crossing, orange mineral soil on the trail leading to it, and a moss-covered rock where Kristin’s right foot was – a finishing touch.

I left at 10:00 for the AAC, presentation of our music at the Stars & Stripes Early Celebration for July 4. We do that gig every year, and have forever for well over a decade.

We had lunch prior to playing all “America the Beautiful” type music. On the left shows the group playing & audience singing along. Right shows the National Anthem with everyone standing, singing acapella. Our Bass Player, Dave, played the background tempo.

I ate tuna fish salad & banana, I’d taken, adding a bite of burger and baked beans from the AAC. The staff served our table first and then carried plates, serving to almost 65 people. We had a good group of 9 players, minus two who planned to come but were sick. Food served included burgers, hot dogs, watermelon, potato salad, baked beans with an ice cream bar for dessert. At the end, I was given an orange popsicle in lieu of the ice cream sandwich the others got.

Players included: Sharon (bass guitar), David (Bass Fiddle), Evie (fiddle), Anne (tambourine), Manord (guitar), Kevin (banjo), Dean (harmonica), Janet (fiddle), Nancy (fiddle), and Karen Eslinger (Accordion). Spouses, Joy & Jack, came along to assist.

I went by Petsen$e for cat food, but they had only a case of the few I wanted, and I needed 3 cases to get my coupon. They generated another $5.00 coupon that goes from July 5 – 17. So, I should be able to return for the rest to get $5.00 off my total. Mine expired July 2 and they wouldn’t have it delivered by then.

Once home, I worked on the deciding the rest of the music (after 13 we did today) to send so they have it next Thursday (7/6) to play. I’m adding ones that are on an old playlist for which I have audience copies. I create the pdf files and they who have a computer and printer add the copies. I need to finish that project, print them, and scan pdfs to send.

Saturday, July 1

For June 30 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.63. Events: 1 CSR, 3 H, 2 PP, 13 RERA. Time on 4 hrs 47 min with (max = 7 L/min). No oximetry to report.

John left for WTA trail work on the West Fork of the Foss River at 5:45 a.m. and I went back to bed for another couple hours. I was really beat from yesterday.

The Foss River enters the Skykomish River where the turn for the trail happens from Hwy. #2. From that point west a few miles there are 3 sets of falls and cascades. There is mist, cool air, white water, slick rocks, and near freezing cold water. What could go wrong?
Sky Valley newsBlue Hat Evonne with a Forest Service person; local color.Note the bridge has steel I-beams. After repeated destruction of log bridges, concrete abutments were poured and a helicopter brought the beams and lowered them. Left: man in red (Tom) was the leader of a group of Duke University students. The 2 standing are WA folks. Middle: John cuts Maples. Right: The Duke folks signed out and went up to Trout Lake. The 6 locals had to carry out all the tools and all the green hats. Some fun!

I started with sending links of previous Mt. Rainier photos from June 2017 to Kristin Ashley, the gal that went on trail work yesterday to Snow Lake, with John. I am collecting those in a file in folder WTA 2017 on my Dell laptop.

I finished dishes, and ate lunch (tuna fish salad, pineapple slices, a full tomato, and prune slices). I spent too much time taking off pix from my Nikon, yesterday. Biggest time sink was trying to clip the video taken down to a size under the 2 gigabyte limit to transfer freely over the weTransfer site.

I should have ignored trying to send the video I did not realize it was recording for our entire time. One of the staff set it up to record 3 minutes ahead of our actual start. I had to learn how to clip. Am still working on it. I think late tonight I got a copy to move over and see if it is small enough. I haven’t yet taken the time to check the clipped version.

I fixed strawberries John picked last night to eat with my nuts snack in the afternoon. I’m supposed to intake food every 3 hours (that’s difficult). I need to report to my nutritionist ASAP on progress.

I spent an inordinate amount of time attempting to lower the size of the transfer file. Then I have to transfer to the SD card and put it back in the camera for clipping. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan