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Monday, June 5

For June 4 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=1.64. Events: 2 CSR, 8 H, 1 PP, 14 RERA. Time on 6 hrs 6 min with (max = 14 L/min). Oximetry: SpO2 low 88, 0 events<88% with overall avg., 93.3%. Pulse avg. 54.4, low 48.

I’m going to start out this week with photos of my dog, Cedaridge Kip’s Camelot Shay Tre’ (call name Daisy), in California. These photos are from the past couple weeks, but I left them out of last week’s blog because of lack of space. Now you get to see them. Some of you with Facebook accounts already saw them when my co-owner, Jeri Conklin, shared there. Some of the photos were taken by Daisy’s trainer’s wife, Deanna Beals-Azevedo, and the others were taken by Jeri.

First are from Deanna, taken 5-30-17 So cool the point with the bird (white Coturnix quail) in the foreground, and another point on the right.

The next few were taken by Jeri, June 3, while out in the field training.Nice point These droplets in mid air photos always make me smile.

My chore every day is dish washing, and it’s the best thing I can do to thank John for doing all the cooking. I can take care of my breakfast and lunch when he’s not around.

I sent photos and videos to the AAC from last Friday’s program.

I went and picked up 4 pieces of music from Dave & Janet, “Before the Next Teardrop Falls,” “Golden Star Polka,” “Wednesday Night’s Waltz” (which we are having trouble with matching notes to the way Gerald & Charlie do it), and Nancy’s Waltz, which Janet threw in for me. Now we have to put all into the SongWriter 2012 version. Dave & Janet did not have “Pass Me By” in their collection (except as a DVD), so our musical guru, Evie, plans to transcribe it from the Johnny Rodriguez video on line.

Tuesday, June 6

For June 5 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.12. Events: 2 CSR, 1 H, 11 RERA. Time on 8 hrs 9 min with (max = 15 L/min). Oximetry: SpO2 low 89, 0 events <88% with overall avg., 93.3%. Pulse avg. 54.2, low 48.

I worked on my records report to give to my cardiologist, Dr. Kim, at tomorrow’s appointment. It will include my daily blood pressure readings log book, my Pulmonary Function Test, with a Trend Report calculated for the past two visits. I have printed results (graphs) from my CPAP and Oximetry devices (particularly for SpO2 and my pulse), throughout the night, and my last INR & Potassium labs, because I forgot to request copies sent to them. I have made a summary table of the important parameters from the blood draws, since the start of the year, so he has it right in front of him and doesn’t have to search the records. I put these things in it: INR, potassium, BNP, magnesium, BUN, Creatinin, and Uric Acid, for all 8 blood draws I had from 1/3/17 – 5/25-27.

I completed printing the cello music scores (in the base clef) that Evie kindly created for me using SongWriter 2012 to give our new player (who can only attend on Saturdays now because of having a full time job). I’ll drop them off when in town later this week, so she can play with us on the 17 Sept.

I checked the cost of meds for Annie and for me – I recently picked up my 90 tablets of Coumadin that cost $31.62. I knew that was higher than previously, so I found the best price of $15.58 is at Safeway; I changed my pharmacy on that one.
I had just recently changed my dog Annie’s Phenobarbital to there from RiteAid, to save another bunch of money. The other neat thing is I can use my Chase Amazon.com card there at Safeway Pharmacy, and save an additional 2%. On a $137.95 purchase (180 tablets), that is a savings of $2.76 ! The reason my normal Pharmacy, Super 1, doesn’t give me the 2% discount, is that the total is titled as Super 1 Grocery, not Super 1 Pharmacy. The credit card company will not give a bonus for groceries, as they will for pharmacies.

Wednesday, June 7

Tuesday, June 6 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.36. Events: 3 H, 1 PP, 10 RERA. Time on 8 hrs 15 min with (max = 12 L/min). Oximetry: SpO2 low 90, no events <88% with overall avg., 92.1%. Pulse avg. 56.9, low 50.

Today was the doctor’s appointment. I drove my car, and we stopped in Yakima for lunch. We ingested a lot of calories at Burger King at a lower price with coupons. We went to Costco, picked out frames, and paid for John’s new glasses. He will get them in 5-7 business days. There, in the optical department, we saw our good friends (Suzy & Bob West) from west of Yakima. We grabbed a few things we needed and some sale items, and left. The double package of Acetaminophen (Tylenol) was on sale for $2.00 off the normal $8.49 price (before tax), which isn’t bad. We also got some pears, nuts, plums, and mushrooms. We did not buy gasoline at Costco as usual because for some unknown reason, the price/gallon is $.36 less in EBRG!

John and I went to see Dr. Kim, arriving at 2:55 for check-in. I had an ECG and we spent ~ 1.5 hours with him. He upped my dosage of Entresto, so I have to watch my BP carefully for 2 weeks after the switch. I’m being scheduled for a couple of new tests, and an echocardiogram, because I haven’t had one since 2015. I requested a person there at the Yakima Heart Center, named Angie. She did my exam in 2014, and I found out her daughter plays the violin, so I shared some music. I need to remember to send her the July music, because of all the patriotic songs included. I’m not sure yet when my appointment will be. The scheduler’s first suggestion was July 12, but that’s a Wednesday, and normally I have two things to do on Wednesday and our anniversary, so I requested another date. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays are supposed to be my scheduling days for appointments in Yakima.

Today, I had to miss playing music at the Food Bank, and going to SAIL exercise, because my Dr. was not available on the pre-arranged day, Monday this week. I was happy that my friend Gloria, went ahead and drove with her sister, attended both the Food Bank music and lunch, and then they went on to the SAIL exercise class.

Thursday, June 8

For June 7 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.46. Events: 1 CSR, 1 H, 4 RERA. Time on 2 hrs 10 min with (max = 17 L/min). I misread the time and turned off the CPAP at 1:15; I thought it was 7:15. Once the machine is off and unplugged, it cannot be re-started. Oximetry: I did not calculate it.

John left about 7:30 for bottling at White Heron, where they bottled Malbec. John brought home 3 bottles. After bottling, they stick around and share some wine with things brought by the participants. John’s contribution today were apples and Dry Salami. Others brought cheeses, breads, Pistachios, and two kinds of deviled eggs.

I went to play music at Meadows Place, and we had a good number of folks: Amy & Haley, Sharon, Anne, Gerald, Charlie, Maury, Kevin, Dean, and me. We expected two others, but they must have been rained out. We had some heavy rain before the gathering, and once inside, another downpour occurred. A dry spot allowed us to leave without rain, but I went for gasoline, and the bottom dropped out right after I left. I was pleased to get gasoline for $2.249/gal, and John also did the same on his trip back, because he must leave early tomorrow for Mt. Rainier and needed gasoline. I had stopped by my pharmacy to write a check for 20 days worth of my increased dosage of Entresto, so they would feel okay with opening the bottle to halve the pills so I can take 1.5 pills twice a day. I tried myself this morning, and with my pill splitter, it is a tough job to get an even split. There is no mark indentation on the pill in the middle, as is common with other similarly shaped meds. Then, if scored, I can break the pill in half with my hands.

I’m able to get 20 days worth of Entresto tablets for $10 (limit is 60 pills). Previously, I was only taking two/day, so 60 lasted a month. The $10 is a special co-pay I applied for through the pharmaceutical company for a drug that can cost up to $400/ month. We believe they will end that offer Dec. 31, 2017, so whether I can reapply is debatable. They probably want to get people hooked and then raise the price. I will have 300 left on the refill after this time. At least my insurance’s normal co-pay for 60 pills is $40, so that’s not excessive, but as long as I can get the same amount I need for $10, I shall.

Today’s photo on bing:© Karsten Schneider/Science Photo Library
Satellite-based graphic showing ocean currents off the Americas
It’s easy to think of satellites as technology for observing the realms beyond our planet. But many satellites turn their data-gathering instruments back toward home. That’s how this ocean-currents map was created. The purple and pink swirls represent warmer ocean currents, while the blue and green are cooler currents. Maps as this aid in weather forecasting, determining the temperature of our oceans, and long-term analysis of the oceans’ health.

I wish I had had this last week to combine with the write-up about the lecture on the Global Ocean. Knowledge of this came from Elise, my friend in New Jersey.

I put a request out on 3 Facebook sites for help with a low-calorie diet cook book. See my success below.

I had Glucerna & Yogurt for lunch, 190 + 90 calories.

Today, the crew leader LeeAnne Jensen from Jan 3 Saturday’s Franklin Falls and Wagon Trail work party sent photographs of the day’s work on National Trails Day.

First, here is her thank-you note to the crew:

Thank you so much for coming out on National Trails Day to lend a hand on the Franklin Falls and Wagon Road trails! It was a very beautiful day and we saw a lot of hikers out there! Trail work is just one of the many ways WTA works to promote and protect Washington’s trails, and we very much appreciate your being a part of that effort! Even though there were crowds of hikers we still accomplished a lot for both trails. Grady, Tracey, Debbie, and Diane made an awesome team moving gravel from the trailhead down to the turnpike project, where Kim, Toni, Kannan, and Dick did a lot of smoothing and tamping of the gravel to complete that section. Linda and Joe tackled a big rock, which they flipped out of the drainage and placed it to extend the rock water bar. Jay, John, Anthony, Susan, Fish, and John spent their time on the trail installing a culvert on the Wagon Road trail as well as clearing drainage and removing a down tree from the side of the trail. All in all, a lot was done to help the trails get ready for the summer hiking crowds. A heartfelt thank you to the assistant crew leaders for sharing their trail knowledge and for helping to keep everyone safe out there. See you on the trails again soon! – LeeAnne

Here’s John’s addition to a few of the photos from his crew’s project:John circled the ends of a small culvert that wasn’t doing the job, and the right is the new one Jay and John’s crew put in. Jay is the other orange hat in the photos.Left shows rocks added over the culvert, middle shows a side view with the fill over the rocks and culvert, and right shows the two orange hat assistant crew leaders on either side of the rest of the crew (green hats) for this project. Another dozen people worked nearby.

Friday, June 9

For June 8 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.18. Events: 1 H, 13 RERA. Time on 5 hrs 25 min with (max = 10 L/min). Slept an additional 2.5 hrs. Oximetry: SpO2 low 87, 3 events <88% with overall avg., 91.9%. Pulse avg. 53.3, low 50.

John goes to Mt. Rainier for trail work. home 6:00 ish ? He called from Naches at 4:40 … heading home but still just over an hour away. Highlights were mud and carrying big logs, oh, and it was cool. He saw a young bull elk on the way. Went via White Pass and came back Chinook Pass to avoid snow melt on the higher one in the morning.

Today, Gloria and I went to town. First, we went for lunch at the Food Bank, because we wanted to visit with mutual friends who provide the main dish on Fridays. They are twins, Marilyn and Carolyn. John and I know them from our past association with the Kittitas Valley Trail Riders. They have horses, and live near mutual friends, George & Julie. We had a good meal with Enchilada Casserole [the ground beef had the fat poured off], Mixed Green salad, and I skipped dessert.

From there we went by and dropped off the Cello music I had printed for our new player.

Then we went on and went through SAIL exercise class with Erica leading, and visited with many of our friends we don’t see on Wednesdays when we’re there.

I drove Gloria home, by way of two stops. First, was in west Ellensburg to pick up 3 books on weight loss from Maggie Manthel on the Facebook site, The Free Box. Check to Saturday to see the collage of hers and another set I picked up that afternoon.

On the way back to town to Super 1 Pharmacy to pay a $10 co-pay, I gave Gloria a tour of the west side, down Anderson road and by Anderson Hay & Grain, telling her about the covered bales of hay, the containers bound for Seattle, and about the different sizes of bales going different places in the world, from our valley.

Once, back home, I sent pdfs for July 29 and 30 music, to our fiddlers and friends Thursday group, with more to come. Those who can run their own will save me the effort of making copies. This packet only had 15 songs, plus the playlist order.

Saturday, June 10

For June 9 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.15. Events: 1 H, 13 RERA. Time on 6 hrs 38 min with (max = 12 L/min). Oximetry: SpO2 low 88, no events <88% with overall avg., 91.6%. Pulse avg. 54.5, low 50.

We arrived at the start of the noon party graduation for Andrew Lamb at 4th Parallel Road at mom, Tanya Myer’s, house. They had quite a nice setup, and the weather held out with storms all around but not on us. At times, it was quite windy.Grandparents in left foreground, 2017 balloons that didn’t want to stay. Food, soft drinks, and various waters were under the tent.

My views from under the tent:

Michael playing with balloonFood still covered. Pot of Pulled Pork, Rolls, Watermelon, Strawberries, Sandwich Wraps, Veggie Tray, Cheese & Salami, pineapple, grapes, Chips & Dips, Mixed Salad, and an awesome dip by Tanya’s Dad, Bruce.

The cake: (we missed getting a piece to know what the inside was). Cupcakes were for the kids, and those who preferred. The cakes were made by a friend, Bradleigh Best. She did a nice job.Family collage as we were leaving the party for Andrew Lamb, 2017 graduate of Kittitas High School.Tanya, Andrew, Jessica, and Michael hugging a friend.

We left and drove 20 miles across the valley to our next graduation party for Isabel Hackett, 2017 graduate of Ellensburg High School.

They had a Croquet game in process, and the smell of BBQ chicken permeated the scene. We were already full, so we just had a piece of carrot cake.

Here’s a collage of the last stop. We had a nice visit with Jennifer Hackett’s parents from Boulder, with others there, including Rex Wirth and Stephanie Wickstrom from CWU.Croquet game and the half-eaten carrot cake.

On our way home, we drove by Jody Reed Davey’s place 4 miles out Reecer Creek Road to pick up low calorie books and Weight Watcher materials (for the entire class experience). That last bit is in the right photo below, in a black container at the bottom, below the hard back low-calorie cookbooks.

This collage goes back to yesterday and shows the free items I received this week. Thanks to those folks.Maggie’s bunch on the left and Jody’s on the right. Much info.

Sunday, June 11

For June 10 CPAP. Reported figures. AHI=0.59. Events: 1 CA, 2 H, 2 PP, 10 RERA. Time on 5 hrs 5 min with (max = 9 L/min). Oximetry: SpO2 low 87, 2 events <88% with overall avg., 92.6%. Pulse avg. 53.8, low 50.

John went on Nick Zentner’s Tieton Andesite (volcanic) Field Trip. Too much hiking for me to be able to attend. He left about 9:15, the trip leaves at 10:00, and will be back about 6:00. I expect him home after 6:30.

I had brunch at noon and nut snacks in the afternoon.

Much of the day I spent on finishing the blog.

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan