Still doing well.  The medicines are being adjusted just a little as tests indicate but nothing major.  The doctors did reduce the oxygen flow from 3 to 2 liters – I didn’t get to ask about the ‘time’ used in that measurement.  However, they would like to get her off the supplemental oxygen and today’s change went okay – so that’s progress.  All this past week the oxygen level was at or near 100 and the nurse took an in-room reading for us at about 5:30 and it was 95 +/- 1 over a period of about 30 seconds.  These things are also being monitored continuously at a computer screen at a central station just down the hall but the nurse wheeled the real-deal in and tested it for us to see.

It is now about 7 and I just got home from the hospital.  Not much to report from this morning’s visit.  I left at about 11.  Nancy had visitors to help with lunch and I returned to help with dinner.  Weather and roads are still great for traveling.  By Monday evening they expect snow.  We’ll see.  The rain shadow effect still works when the snow storms come from the west but an upslope flow from the east can be big time trouble.  I’ve been too busy to check the reasoning for the current forecast.