FRIDAY a long day

Nancy continues to improve.  I visited this morning and late afternoon.  I think her voice is stronger in the morning and by 4 PM it is more difficult for her to project.  This morning we talked about visitors again and this time she seemed agreeable.

I called a Yakima couple.  The lady of the house still works – he’s retired.  She works about 5 minutes away from the Hospital so she came during her lunch hour and brought a gift and a card.  Later a nice arrangement of cut flowers was delivered – compliments of students from CWU.  The colors were wonderful in this cold record-setting drab Yakima December.

Mid-day when I got home I called a family (she’s a nurse and the daughter who just happens to be home was a student at CWU a few years back.)

Only the daughter could go with me on the afternoon trip.  We arrived just before Yakima’s rush hour, stayed to see what Nancy got for supper, helped her cut it all up, and then left.  If I am there, or today with two of us, she will occupy herself with thinking about what I should do next and either telling me or writing it down.  If I leave, she eats better.  Today was grilled fish, rice, carrots, and angle food cake.

The blood thinner she is on interacts with several foods, especially dark green veggies and cranberries.  I’m told this would not be too much of a problem if one eats about the same amount of these things daily.  Then the amount given could be set to match.  With Nancy and veggies it is a good bet she won’t eat much of any of the boiled green ones.  If they fixed something in a different manner and she ate it, there goes the balance.

They started her off shortly after 5 AM with a chest x-ray.  Had her out of bed three times.  About supper time a helicopter landed on the roof across the courtyard.  It reminded me of a MASH episode. She might sleep well tonight.

While we are going to allow visitors, all need to be aware that she is frail and the nurses will likely limit the time to short, and the number at any one time to 2.  None under age 14.  If you visit, be prepared to wait a bit if something is going on or if someone else is already in the room.  Don’t wake her if she is sleeping.  Include a trip to the hospital along with some other purpose for going to Yakima.  There is no schedule, as yet, that we can plan around.  She is not ready for phone calls.