Happy 4th of July

We’ll work on Nancy’s writing effort on Monday. Meanwhile, consider:

Representatives of thirteen colonies participated in a Convention from May 25 to September 17, 1787, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On June 21, 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth colony to ratify the document completed in Philly, and it was subsequently agreed that government under the U. S. Constitution would begin on March 4, 1789.

It might seem that March 4, 1789 should be considered the “birthday” of the United States of America. Other choices are possible.

There is, of course, the Declaration Independence. The first public reading of this document was on July 8, 1776. However, the official date of adoption of the Declaration is given as July 4.

The USA celebrates its birthday on July 4, representing a birth about 13 years before its existence. Hope that clears things up for you.

Go Figure! Regardless of all this: Happy 4th of July

Here is the flag.