MONDAY — not so random thoughts

If we consider last Friday to encompass part assessment and part therapy then today was the first real day of working on rehabilitation.  Nancy seemed happy with today.  When in bed she really has nothing to do although she has done a little reading and a little phoning.

Reading for entertainment is not something she is accustomed to but I have a few magazines, mainly the Smithsonian, with articles she will read.

Too much time on the phone drains the batteries and she can’t manage yet to reach the outlets to keep it charged.  She always wants to have a little power left to call me if she thinks of something I need to know, do, or bring.  And her voice, hands, and arms are not as strong as needed to talk for long.

The point of the above is that I think she is happy for the interruptions to having nothing to do brought on by the therapy sessions – speech, occupational, and physical.  All are necessary but returning to a normal existence means being able to get out of bed and walk without assistance and that she cannot now do.

If she can get to the point where she can get into a wheelchair on her own then she can prowl the building and become engaged in other things and other people.  There is a piano in a community room and she could maybe brush up on her skills.  We will have to check on that as they may limit access to the piano to certain times and people.  A lady from town came and played a few days ago for some of the residents and does so weekly.  She then visited Nancy as they know each other via a university activity.  Playing piano ought to be good therapy and self entertainment.  I’ll have to get her to ask about this.