Cream or Ice Cream?

We are working on the week’s report but it is now 9 PM here on the left coast and we are not done – and there are still a couple of pounds of Strawberries to work on. So the blog will appear on Sunday.

The title comes from the fact that the favorite snack at the tennis doings at the All England Club (Wimbledon) is fresh Strawberries with cream. Interestingly, this year has produced a bumper crop of berries – so many that they confidently wait until the day of use and begin picking at 5 AM and they have developed good estimates of how many they need.
We are looking for the serving size and cost. Not yet found.
Like England, the Naneum Fan is having a great Strawberry season. I (John) picked about 6 pounds of Strawberries this afternoon and Nancy fixed 2 pound-packets of the nicest ones for neighbors. Neither neighbor has responded to Nancy’s call, so we may have to eat them all. Meaning, also, we will have to clean, slice, and freeze them. More to be harvested tomorrow.
Those less than perfect berries are yet to be done – soon now. They will be served with ice cream. There is one of life’s little mysteries – tennis royalty likes cream, we like ice cream. How has that come about?