Going Places – meetings

I saw a photo of Beef Wellington and wondered about the ingredients.
One recipe starts with Duxelles, being a French word it is italicized. With Wellington being English, the plot thickens. I had to ask about the pronunciation of the first of these. I guess ‘duck sells’ comes close. The concept is to take mushrooms and other stuff, chop it up, and thicken it. I learned I needed mushrooms, shallots, garlic, fresh thyme, olive oil and also: prosciutto, puff pastry, chives, cream, brandy, green peppercorn sauce, and freshly ground black pepper. None of these do I have.
I decided a simpler concept would create something similar. Thus the photo. I expect a slight taste and texture difference. If you don’t care, you might be a redneck.

Well, this was a serious week. There was a CWU dinner of the retired folks. A new-to-campus Provost made short comments and a student was introduced and given a $1,600 award. I had met him a few weeks earlier at a university-wide (similar) function. He is of a farm-workers family in the south part of the State. His major is chemistry. I started college in summer 1961 as a chemistry major. I talked briefly with one of his professors (known to me from a Brittany connection) and the department Chair. That was Tuesday evening.

Wednesday involved a trip to the dentist for a small filling. In the first room the water/suction hoses didn’t work. We moved. The dentist and assistant are very competent – and taciturn. That is very unlike the prior dentist where the atmosphere was chatty.

Thursday was back to CWU. The sponsor, again, was the retirement association. This was a nearly 2-hour presentation by a university professor. The topic was estate planning – wills and such. Phyllis and Cameron came.
They are my “personal representatives”, so there is that. Their situation is more complicated (and out-of-date) than mine. They have the vineyard and winery and two grown sons; one lives there and helps with the operation. This was a good stimulus for us to get our affairs in order.

Friday I went over and we bottled 300 gallons of 2020 vintage Merlot. A bottle came apart just as I took it from the corker. The glass separated at the shoulder {the sloping part between neck and body}. This was not like an explosion, but perhaps a weak bottle and just enough air pressure to cause the break. Except for the mess, no harm was done. As usual, we had a lunch, and being a nice day, we went outside. My contribution was a selection of cake pieces from the grocery store bakery. Sort-of like this:

Saturday is warm – about 88°. Sunday is to cool by 10 degrees. That trend is expected to continue, so by next Saturday the high is to be about 63; uncertainty is high a week out. Word for the week is “Breezy.” Of course.

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