What I learned this week

If the electricity flicks off and back on while the oven is on, the heat does not return. It has to be started again. I have an older oven, so this makes sense. I just didn’t think about it until a found a barely warm roast when I expected to find a fully cooked and tender meal.
I restarted the oven, but didn’t want to wait 2 hours for supper. I had to adjust.
The house heater/AC unit maintains the settings and auto-starts when the power comes back. It looses the time setting. If modern electric stoves do this, I don’t know. A short web search did not find anything.

Friends from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Marquette) have been on the road and I met them in EBRG for lunch. We dined at the Red Horse Diner. Recall the flying red horse of the Mobil Gas Stations.
Anne and Fred came to the University of Iowa and lived near us when we had a house in North Liberty.
I think Fred arrived at the same time Nancy came, after we were married. I had been there 2 years. They had a young Black Lab and we had a Brittany puppy. We spent a lot of time together for two years, have kept in touch and been able to visit because they come west to visit relatives and friends.
The Diner has a 1950’s car theme with lots of signs. The food is standard American with large servings. Anyway, It was good to see them and catch up on their doings.

Other than their visit, the week did not have other exciting events. The weather stayed nice, with cold mornings. Snow is still only in the mountains. This image is from 50 miles north and a bit west of me. The elevation is 4,000 feet.

That’s it.
Keeping Track on the Naneum Fan