Little Green apples

Previous owners planted apple and cherry trees. The apple trees (3?) never did much and there is just one left. In the distance past, I have cut a small amount of wood to throw on charcoal, but otherwise I just pull the apples for the deer. Thursday afternoon I pulled several that had bird/wasp damage. Two were in good shape, so I brought them inside and ate slices while supper was cooking. I believe the tree is an old Red Delicious.
The fruit has never been good, and was not this time. I had a small burger, cheddar cheese, and a few corn chips. I headed to a store in EBRG, then to a presentation “color in nature” – that was to be about birds, mostly, as it was sponsored by the Audubon chapter. They always seem to have trouble getting started at 7, and it was 7:20 when the photos and the speaker got synced.
By that time I wasn’t feeling well, first over heating and then indigestion. By 7:25 I was out of there. At 7:50 I was home and in the kitchen and decided to drink some water to see if my stomach would settle.
Oops! Bad decision. Within seconds I up-chucked into the kitchen sink. Apparently this was known to everyone but me.
On reflection, emptying whatever was going on in my stomach may have been a good thing. By 10:00 I was better, by 11 better still, and by midnight I was feeling good.

My new toy is a small electric log splitter. You can see it and what it does in this one minute video.

I sat mine on an old water tank (horse trough) so that the working area is at belt-height. It is in a 3-sided shed, so I built a wooden box that can cover it when not in use. So far I’ve spent more time getting it comfortable in its new home than I have splitting wood. It works.

My August 27th report included a photo of vultures near the top of a dead Cottonwood tree.

August heat begins to fade

Today, at dusk, the turkeys settled in the same tree, although lower. They had been under the feeder where I put black oil sunflower seeds. I don’t want to have them get used to that. Maybe I need a new design.
There was a slight drizzle during the night Thur-Friday.
Now, our area is expected to have a freezing temperature by Sunday morning. Then a moist system moves into the area. Rain is expected Monday and Tuesday with “a chance” for the rest of the week. Not snow, yet. Soon I may have to use some of the wood and get a fire going.

Keeping Track on the Naneum Fan