Dog days of summer are early

Keeping Track July 24 2022

The area is about to have a week of hot weather. Here, perhaps, it might get to 100°F. Or it may not. This time next week the answer will be known.

My garden, such as it was, now has only yellow beans, and three sunflowers. The snow (sugar pod) peas are in the freezer and the onions are in the shed. Drying and cutting the roots and tops will get done as needed. The ones that “bolted” I intend to cut and freeze. The good ones will last to Christmas time.
The plumb trees still need watered even though only one has fruit. Spring was too cold, too wet, and too windy. There is always next year. I will get a few raspberries. Also, I’ve been promised a box of Italian Plumbs by Megan Walsh, a CWU geographer. She lives 5 miles to the SE.

I went to EBRG with four or five stops planned. Safeway advertised a couple of things I wanted but were out of one. I got a rain check, even though rain had nothing to do with it. Two loaves of bread {why loaves and not loafs?} rang up for $1 more than advertised. That required dealing with a salesperson and using my same credit cart, adding back $2 to my number. I then went across the street for a haircut.
At the next stop, 45 minutes later, that credit card was not in my wallet. Back to Safeway, I went. Their security cameras showed me using the card and then starting out toward the door with the card.
I went through the first set of doors, took my 3 items, left the cart. So where did the card go?
I used my trusty iPhone and found a number for Visa/Citi/COSTCO.
Using a voice-automatic system, I was able to place a “lock” on the card and hear the latest transaction. It was my purchase from the hour before.
I have to do a thorough search of the truck with a passenger side filled with stuff. I was running late, and the temperature and sun caused me to not do more than that. I looked some at home in the shade of the shed but did not find it.
With the “Visa Quick Lock” in place I could go about my tasks and get to the neighbors for an early supper. Thanks Kathy & Dale.

The phone and Visa system allowed me to place a “lock” without knowing the card number. I think I had to give my name and social security number, and maybe my zip code. I did, unnecessarily, end up talking with a person and it might have been him that asked for the zip code. Because of the system, I did not have to rush home to use the computer or home phone to accomplish making the card useless – assuming I dropped it and it was found by someone that might try.

Visa uses the term “Quick Lock”,
Discover uses “Freeze It”
Other companies have similar things, but there may be variations. Locking or freezing your card does not necessarily lock all transactions from being processed. The action is primarily on point-of-sale or one-time uses of the card. If you have charges that are classified as recurring, those will continue to be processed.
Anyway, there is more work to do. I was also asked a security question – the one about first pet or something. Over the years, Nancy and I have used 4 or 5 of these. At one time she used “peep-peep” – a pet chicken from childhood. Mostly we used dogs and horses. Yesterday, I answered with our (together) first dog; the correct answer was a more recent horse.
When I said the dog’s name (wrong), he gave me the first letter of the horse’s name. That worked.

Next post, I’ll show a weed or two. For this week my photos are of deer.

One morning there were 3 little ones under the shed-roof with the truck. That photo is from a bedroom window. The velvet-antlered one was walking just outside the fence two mornings later.

Keeping track,
from the Naneum Fan