. . . we remain cool and wet

No post last week.

Phyllis came over this week and we worked on the Will and other aspects.
One of the topics is disposal of the house upon my death. I’ve contacted CWU Foundation gurus, and we’ll meet his coming Tuesday to discuss the possibility. If this can be done one of the biggest burdens will be removed from the post-death actions. My plan is to remove as much of the burden of finishing my affairs as I can reasonably do.

I visited the Sheriff’s Office and got the scoop on the group that swoops into a community and takes care of the family and funeral when a police officer is killed. A local officer was killed a few years ago. His wife and three children (and his colleagues) were relieved of the burden of planning the funeral. The family’s financial future is also assured.
That group is The Behind the Badge Foundation.
I assume all States have such an organization. Washington’s is found on the web here: https://behindthebadgefoundation.org/

Outside, I mow about an hour a day – if it is dry. It rarely is so the acres that the horses kept short are now a tangle of weeds and grass. I have mowed strips about 12 feet wide in 3 places – to drive or walk and also as fire breaks. I may have to hire a big rotary mower. There is always something.

The wildflower of the week is the Thread-leaf Phacelia (Phacelia linearis), description and photos here:

On the page, top right, there are little arrows to get to other images. #4 is best for showing the dry location and the size. Dry this year we are not, so the plants are in a blanket of other green things. On the web, many photos are bluer than here – mine are more pinkish.

Keeping track
on the Naneum Fan