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I’ve been pruning grape vines at White Heron / Mariposa Vineyard. So there are just two interesting related things, but not closely.

First, “mariposa” means butterfly in Spanish, but then the botanists named some flowering plants – Mariposa Lilies. They are mentioned on Wikipedia under the name Calochortus. Here on the Naneum Fan they bloom about July 4th. At the Mariposa Vineyard they bloom a month earlier.
As for butterflies, over the past few years there have been reports of the demise of the Monarchs. This seems to have been mistaken. They are migrating in North America in numbers not seen in recent memory.
Here is the story: {replace the XXX with a period or dot}


The second item of interest this week was discovering the way fuel from a can has to be added to the Ford 150. Getting to and home again to the vineyard is a trip of 125 miles.
I keep a 5 gallon can of gas at home – it is ethanol free. I use this for the power tools, such as chainsaw and mower. About this time each year I use the over-wintered gas in an auto, and then refresh it on the next trip to town.
The 2019 F150 has a no-cap filler. The no-cap system has a stiff flap that needs to be pushed aside and past. At a station there is no problem because the nozzle is long and steel.
The average plastic funnel, such as I have, will not work with this system.
You need something strong, stiff, and straight. Ford, fortunately, provides such a thing. I had to search the web for the solution after having gas gush out and over the side of the truck.
This white funnel is tucked behind the passenger seat with other gadgets in a cloth package.
I prefer to not have the truck cabin smell like gasoline, so what is one to do with this white funnel after using it. Well, I was home, so I washed it in hot soapy water and left it outside overnight before restoring it in its cloth hide-a-way.
Next – – put a box with soap and water in the truck, just in case I ever have a need for gas in an unhappy circumstance. Maybe we should be warned about this system. Check yours.

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