Sunday morning (here) the March equinox (8:33 am PDT) will occur about the time the temperature gets above freezing. Precisely speaking, there is more daylight than nighttime on the day of the equinox, an additional eight or so minutes of daylight at mid-temperate latitudes. Did you learn otherwise in school?

On the equinox, equal day and night?

We pruned vines on Thursday and Friday. Next day will be Tuesday. If I go in the morning there is a lot of traffic headed west from the Quincy area toward Wenatchee, the largest population in the area. That is just before 9 am. If we prune in the afternoon, I’m on that stretch of highway at 12:45 and the traffic is less. When heading back at 4 pm there is still less traffic. This is good because I have to make a turn across the center line. We all have learned when to go a certain way, and not another, depending on how difficult the turns are, or other aspects of traffic congestion. These things have evolved over 20 years as population and commercial activity have grown.
I think I also notice signs for more accidents on I-90. More guardrails are damaged, and other signs of accidents. This week there is a black/burned spot that is new.
That’s my scientific analysis!

Wednesday I took some scrap to Yakima to check out the place and what they do and do not want. This was a trial, so I only took a little of the metals we’ve removed from the remodel. They paid me $3.60, but I learned what I wanted to know.
The Wests (Suzy and Bob) and I went for a late breakfast, and then to Costco. I now have a sufficient stockpile of paper towels and “tp” to last me through the next panic.

When I got an iPhone last year, and talked to others, I decided to get a belt pouch (holster) for it. I found an appropriate item on Amazon, as shown in this image.
It came with 2 types of clips, neither worked well. It had a slot for a belt to go through. That worked well.
This week I noticed my belt had caused the fabric to wear. Only 3 threads were still holding the loop together.
I wrote a review on the Amazon site. It was not glowing.
Then I called the leather shop – 550 yards southwest of me. By road I have to go 2,300 yards – 1.3 miles. The main business is making saddles and chaps. The deceased father made a saddle for me 22 years ago. The son is not idle so my leather phone holster won’t be made until mid-April. Likely it will last longer than the phone or me.

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