Weather transition in the air

There were rather dull happenings this week.

I cut about 1/3 of my downed trees into firewood length and got some of that under cover. I have dry wood for this coming cold. I’ve been working on next year’s stash. I need to clean out the wood stove and test it. This coming week the area is expecting temperatures at or below 20°F.
The air masses now entering Washington State are cold and carry moisture. Snow in the mountains is anticipated, and even to the Naneum Fan. Not much here. Snoqualmie and Stevens Passes may get a foot to 16 inches by Monday evening.

Wednesday I went for an inspection of teeth and cleaning. My last such was in July 2020. I was on a 6 months and a day schedule. The first delay was caused by the Covid panic; then my favorite tooth-tech moved to Colorado. A timely replacement could not be found. Now they are back up to 2, but when I called this past July I had to be given a December date.
I have one potential problem – either a large filling or a crown – and Margie (my dentist) thinks the crown is the better choice. So – January 10th.

Phyllis and Cameron came Thursday. We had a good day of work, food, and conversation. Walter the contractor called while we were eating. He was ½ hour away with the 38 ft. long blue metal roofing. I did not get a photo of the package on top of his truck, so this will have to do.
The trusses to support the roof are scheduled for delivery on January 6th.

That is Annie in the back, the last Brittany and almost no hearing or eyesight. She still likes to go with me, but If I get busy with a task, she goes home. If I fail to open a gate, she has to come back because she can’t get to the flappy door.
We had a bit of snow, mostly gone by the time I took this photo. Snoqualmie Pass (I-90) got 5 inches by 5:00 o’clock. Expect another 5 inches in the next 48 hours.

Outside today I worked for a total of 2 hours on 4 different chores.
Last week I took the backyard fence down so a backhoe could get in there and dig a trench for a drain pipe. In the fresh dirt, today, I had horse prints. Large.
He or she came, investigated, and left.
So I reattached the fence. I need to inspect the driveway but it is hard rock topped with gravel. I’ll look at a few other spots but unless someone saw the horse, I don’t expect to know more.

There were 7 deer nibbling tops off weeds in the field. There were 3 with antlers, one large and heavy. The other two were young.

From the Naneum Fan