Cold and snow starting to go

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Copy and delete the 3 Xs. The ‘ XXX ‘

That takes care of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Otherwise, all that is going on is continuation of construction work.
Our deal is that workers come here when weather or other circumstances mean it is better here than elsewhere.
The stone and siding is now finished under the car port. Painting will wait for warmer temperature. The north end (old 2 car garage) siding is about 95% finished. All the beams and wood for the patio+ cover on the back side is there and the 3 posts are up (on concrete footings and form tubes).

The horizontal timber beams are up, connected to the house, to each other, and squared.
The inside wall, with sliding glass door that opens onto that soon to be covered area,has been paneled similar to the room that was the garage. More to do inside, so no photo yet.

We have had cold mornings, but most of the work time has been above freezing. The 10 inches of snow has been slowly melting so moving around is a bit of a mess out there. An old-old bale of hay may find a home there for this coming week.

Saturday night rain came and there was a drizzle all day Sunday.
Except for brief trips outside, John cleaned, sorted, and tossed things like old Christmas cards and materials from trips to geography meetings. There is much more equally useless stuff we never tossed. A load of dirty clothes got washed and dried.

Nancy slept a lot.
Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan