A big flag and more

Monday, Nov 9

I was so tired from late night activity on the blog creation, that I slept in until 9:00 a.m. today. Guess I needed the rest.
Did start my morning with a hot cup of coffee, followed by a milkshake of chocolate Ensure with strawberry yogurt.

Sent thank-you email messages for photos posted in our last week’s blog.

John’s been packing boxes old magazines and newspaper to dispatch from our den, and also loading up things to go to the Pantry tonight for donation.

I have to figure out our stops for errands in town tomorrow and then I can tackle the other chores. Even unloading the dishwasher is included, unless I can talk John into that.
John was working outside feeding horses, opening the gate, getting the paper, and the temperature at 11:45 a.m. at the airport south of us went up from freezing to 33°. In our front yard it is warmer at 36.2°. We are higher in elevation at 2240’ than the airport at 1481’.

I spent ~25 minutes visiting by phone with my friend since birth from Atlanta, GA, to wish her a Happy Birthday, and catch up on her life. I’m 2 months older than she and our mothers were both RNs working private duty in the same local hospital, Emory University Hospital, where I was born. It was also the location of my first quarter of college study in 1961 (for chemistry, math, and French).

Lunch: I warmed my leftover chicken soup with cooked chicken breast pieces generously added.
No robocallers thus far today! Maybe John was right about political calls! I didn’t believe that would be the case.
We will hope for no snow and go tonight to the Kittitas Pantry with our donation of MILK BONE large dog biscuits Annie has stopped eating. Probably ¾ of the box was usable for them to put in Ziploc bags to distribute to animal owners. While there, we picked up groceries (a few for us, but mostly for the seeing impaired woman and her 4 yr. old daughter (also with same condition).Carey Lake, Irene Rinehart Riverside Park, ~4 pm by Craig Maloney

Supper: Chicken stir fry with onions, mashed potatoes with turkey & pork gravy, half a yellow apple and a few slices of a Bartlett pear. Dessert: a piece of pumpkin swirl cheesecake. John had a piece of chocolate with cranberries cheesecake.
The total number of robocaller connections for Nov 9=zero.

Tuesday, Nov 10

Up at 4:00 to go to the back bathroom, turned up the heat, looked for the outside cats, none, put out Czar, and went back to bed. It was snowing hard when I awoke, so I went back to sleep again. Great contrast, Lori Waters took in Ellensburg at 7:01 a.m. and 7:52. We missed the 7:01 a.m. time and awoke to the snow that only lasted a while. At 7:00, we would probably only have seen the very top of the sky because of the blocked sunrise view at our place.

Then up, took pill @ 8:33, no food or drink until ½ hr. later. Set up backup external drive for noon backup and started the computer’s day. Going to get a cup of coffee and a chocolate Ensure with peach yogurt.

Spent 31 mins on the phone with SiriusXM figuring how to listen to our subscription in the house (computer) and not in the Forester because all the music gigs are cancelled.

This is our day for important errands. Reviewing those here. We’re using this symbol to indicate stops: ∞∫∞ First stop Bi-Mart our last day to buy Meow Mix cat food at the $8.99 price at Bi-Mart. They were out of stock, so I asked the store manager, Jeremy, whom I met last week, to please give me a raincheck. He did, and we have a month to pick them up (at $3 off normal price). ∞∫∞ From there I took John to Super 1 for Rolling Rock beer on sale through Nov. Best price in town. While there, he bought a bunch more products we can use. ∞∫∞ From there over to a family with a box of groceries to deliver to their house. ∞∫∞ On to our last stop off Wilson Creek to leave a donation of the second box of 4 place settings of flowered dishes to Naomi’s Hope, for distribution with the box from last week (matching dishes) for a family needing more than 4 place settings of china.

Home from errands, we’re both eating an afternoon snack of 2 kinds of cheesecake – one chocolate and one pumpkin swirl in white for me, and for John, he’s adding a small piece of one with cranberries, that my medications won’t allow. Not good for Thanksgiving dinners with cranberry sauce I so much like. This year, the community thanksgiving dinner is being served “to go.” Somehow, that doesn’t seem right either.

Currently working on updating the WA Old Time Fiddlers Association membership online. Things keep changing. Nothing is happening in the organization until Fall 2021.
Hot buttered popcorn treat at 5:30 p.m.

Supper: chicken stir fry with onions, mashed potatoes with gravy, yellow apple.
The total number of robocaller connections for Nov 10=1.

Wednesday, Nov 11 Veterans’ Day

Called Gloria Swanson and made the connection after some interesting manipulation. Managed to find the owner’s cell phone number of Malibu Senior Living (also owns Belair), and got the husband (whom I had once met, Ron and his wife Kim), when Evelyn Heflen and I went to their Belair House to play music while Gloria’s husband Paul was living there. They fed us a nice meal after we played. He gave me the direct landline into the home, and told me Angel would answer. I know Angel from when she worked at the Prestige Post-Acute and Rehab Center–Kittitas Valley in Ellensburg. So I had a nice birthday visit with Gloria and I sang Happy Birthday surprising her, and then we had a nice 8-minute conversation of memories before she was served lunch. Now all I have to hope for is that my birthday card for her is returned and I’ll be able to forward it to the correct address to be delivered.

A couple of weeks ago I got lots of kid’s things by asking on the EBRG free sites. Two packages with different items included went to the birthday party. This is the day to transfer the rest to Mike and Sarah, so at 10 a.m. we met Mike, and now all is in the Sandmans’ garage – stuff for the girls for future usage and gifts.

8:00 a.m., 23° degrees out front. Up to 32° on our porch at 9:35. By 3:00 p.m., it’s up to 43°.A nighttime photo in Thorp by EvieMae Schuetz

11:00 on 11-11-20 Veterans’ Day:
Our friend, Dee Eberhart, WWII veteran was one of the featured speakers at the celebration in Thorp:Largest flag in Washington State is flying there.
Story below:
Folks raise huge flag on Veterans Day

Lunch: John’s having bacon, eggs, and toast; I’m skipping and having my milkshake of chocolate Ensure with strawberry yogurt.
Afternoon snack some fruitcake.

Outside cat Sue is looking old and her hair has gotten tangled (lumpy), so not having good insulting character. This evening we put things together and brought her in the house, fixed her a litter box, and a bed, and sat with her warming her up to the new environment. Hopefully, she’ll be okay with that for the winter.

It’s now 25°F and headed down. We have the temperature set at 68° in the new room. Her daughter, Woody, remains outside but goes to the old motor coach from where she watches the activities. When the weather gets a bit more nasty she needs to make the transition. John now wants to wait until a repair gets done on the roof, and strangers are not around.

Supper: pizza (4 meat Red Baron, with added onions, diced tomatoes, cheese).
Did a lot of tax receipt filing this afternoon, and some searching for research papers on the lectures for this weekend from Nick. Sunday is on Skagit Gneiss & Napeequa Schist.
Bunch more robocallers today. Have to take the next out of area one and block it as it comes in, as they are no longer listing the phone number. Still fewer than earlier in the month.
The total number of robocaller connections: Nov 11=7.

Thursday, Nov 12

4:30 a.m. Woody arrived for breakfast; Sue made it through the night in her new digs, sleeping in her box with the red blanket.

Lots happening today: 11:00 a.m. or sooner as usual, Ellensburg Cement Products is sending a delivery.
10:00 a.m. dump truck load (16.33 ton; or 32,660 pounds) oversized washed rock delivered, $285.71. It’s for the front Xerophytic landscaping. It won’t move itself (much) without help. John needs the exercise. Being rounded from river travel, it does tend to move if disturbed. The 16.33 ton load of oversized washed rock; the colors included.

Dump truck unloading oversize washed rock

Need to get out the background readings for tomorrow afternoon lecture. Got them out at 11:38 after forgetting the title I stored the suggested readings under, but I found it, and sent it.
NOON, GAME DAY at the AAC on Zoom. Last this quarter. We had two teams playing Family Feud. I was on the losing team, but we still had a lot of fun. CWU students officiating. We’re hoping they start this up after the new year when classes resume.

12:55 p.m., I called Gerald reporting in fine today. All’s well.
I have been handling scammer calls all day, and continuing to blog robocallers.
4:07 p.m., sent another email to the study group, this time about a member who was honored as a Veteran the day after Veterans Day on the NBC Nightly News Kids Edition Nov. 12, 2020:

Nightly News Kids Edition (Grandpa Ron at 9 mins into video)

Sent another large file (USGS MAP) to the study group members, now close to 150 people.
Success today with Sue the barn cat and outside gal now living fine in our new room. She has a bed with a blanket, water, food bowl, and a litter box she’s using for both needs!! And she visits me when I come in the room. She doesn’t yet come to greet John, but will let him approach and pick her up. She’s accepted the change, and we feel better about her situation. Being a bit advanced in age, we empathize with elderly issues.

Received my Roadside Geology of Idaho today in the mail, used excellent condition, shipped from Indiana. No writing in the book except the previous owners’ names and that they got it at a GSA meeting in Cincinnati. I find that very interesting because that is the city where John and I met in 1965, him coming from PA and me from GA to the graduate program there, and the other ironic thing is that we moved to a job in Idaho in 1974, and learned some of the local geology from the crew in our shared building.

Supper: John had a cheesesteak Philly sandwich (frozen from Costco I don’t like), with fried onion rings, and red seedless grapes, and I had a frozen dinner, Chicken Parmesan with pasta, carrots, and also had the onion rings and grapes. We had no dessert.
The total number of robocaller connections for Nov 12 = 8.

Friday, Nov 13

Taken at noon, from south of EBRG on Ringer Loop by Kayla Ferguson

I slept in and found it difficult to arise. I was up at 3:30 a.m. again at 6:30 to feed Woody outside the front door, and it was raining. She was wet, but I petted her, and went back to bed. Reason enough to get her moved inside.

Talked with Allen Aronica, about coming down this weekend with son AJ to help John move one of the CWU surplus school desks from the shed into the new room. I’ll have to hold Sue in my lap while it takes place. While here Sunday, they also put the top on the table legs beneath the ceiling fan. The desk is in front of a window so Sue (& Woody) can view outside.

A day later than promised, Waste Management delivered our 30 cubic yard green metal dumpster. We have paid a pre-delivery fee of $500.06. The final bill won’t be known until the dumpster is filled, removed, and weighed at the transfer station. John did find out that he can toss in a Microwave, but tires and things with liquids or gases are not allowed. The delivery made it here before noon, about 11:15, as it was raining. I did take a video of the process, less than 2 minutes.

Setting the green dumpster

Brunch: shared a blueberry/pecan pancake, with orange juice, and I had a cup of hot coffee. John ate out in the new room with Sue. Didn’t get my milkshake until after Nick’s lecture.
Nick is on at 2:00 p.m. with his lecture about Mt. Stuart, just 33 miles NW of us.

#92 Exotic Q: Mt. Stuart + Chiwaukum (Schist)

John got me a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup (a double) to have during Nick’s talk and I enjoyed those with hot coffee.
Finally, had my milkshake of chocolate Ensure with French vanilla yogurt after the lecture was over.
Supper: Spaghetti with meat sauce and red seedless grapes.
The total number of robocaller connections for Nov 13 = 1.

Saturday, Nov 14

Sue (cat) adjusted nicely to being inside where John (mostly) sees to her needs. We’re sure this winter will be a lot easier on her than being outside in the cold, when she’s getting so much older. We can give her some extras (meat, fish, egg) that are hard to do outside because of the random timing of her visits, and the watchful Magpies and Steller’s Jays.

Lunch midday: Bacon, eggs over easy with cheddar cheese, piece of buttered English Muffin bread loaf, coffee.

John got the morning paper and found an article on the front page of our local newspaper about our neighbor, Allen Aronica. He was meeting with a middle school class and showing bead work, talking about his mom, Ida, answering questions about the lives of the local people.I captured the article from the digital edition to give to the family on a PDF, as I know that today early this morning he was out of town.
He talked about her past, and about a PBS Documentary from a few years ago. You can view that by following this link:

Everything Change

During the next event, I drank a milkshake of chocolate Ensure with peach yogurt, to watch a Zoom presentation at 3:00 p.m. of a pumpkin drop from CWU’s Discovery Building rooftop put on by the Departments of Physics and Geology.
The activity began at ground level with geology students and profs setting off at least 4 trashcano eruptions. Such an event happens when a garbage can that is filled with water, has a bottle containing liquid nitrogen submerged into the water. The liquid nitrogen turns to gas, bursting the bottle, and creating an “eruption”. This simulates a volcano, (hence, trashcano).

Supper: Crockpot Beef Round Steak sliced thin, with tomatoes, onions, and gravy, fried battered cauliflower, red seedless grapes. Dessert: piece of cheesecake.

Loaded the dishwasher full and ran late afternoon, while working on email projects and other chores, such as putting in all my medications for a week in a carrier for dispensing daily.
It snowed early morning and again tonight after dark. Looks like a couple inches collected.
The total number of robocaller connections for Nov 14 = ZERO.

Sunday, Nov 15

Sunday a.m. is Nick’s lecture at 9:00 a.m.

Up at 4:00 a.m. with Woody wanting fed. Back to bed for more rest.
Up to stay at 7:50 a.m. and started at 8:04 collecting pre-show comments.

Having a hot cup of coffee to warm up and also to tide me over, a milkshake chocolate Ensure with French vanilla yogurt. Good thing, because it was a troublesome broadcast with connection issues and lost time. YouTube was having system problems worldwide. Someone thought it might be related to the Masters’ Golf Tournament being broadcast over YouTube.

Started at 9:00 a.m. after a 15-min thank you and greeting session, only to lose the connection completely 20 minutes later, and needed to switch worldwide viewers to a different streaming YouTube event. Finally, we reconnected and then went long, until 11:00 a.m. with ~800 viewers. For Nick the temperature was chilly, sun spotty, but no wind.

Nick’s lecture:

Take 2 of#93 – Exotic R: Skagit Gneiss & Napeequa Schist

Gary Paull’s photo of Banded Skagit Gneiss

After that, a late breakfast: Link sausage, pancake, sliced canned peaches; coffee for me.

Snow and warming allowed John to investigate dripping water out front. Where the roof of the new entry walkway joins the house there has been a previously minor problem. However, today the dripping was emerging from an air hole in the soffit and around a light fixture a foot away. The minor problem was elevated to “serious.”

I e-mailed a photo to our contractor. Walter and his son Jesse came to evaluate the problem with John. Monday might be wet, so John may just tarp the location, and have Jesse come on Tuesday.
While they were here, Allen and AJ arrived down the driveway, to help move the desk into the new room, where it now resides. John intends to put a rug on the desk so Sue can get up to the window to look out on the front yard.

Afternoon snack: a small piece of heated fruitcake & followed with a Reece’s peanut butter cup (RPBC). John will have his own fruitcake serving with the other RPBC. Supper was left over from yesterday.
I will end this week’s blog with an amazing story:

Mt. Rainier hiker rescue

{John says: Mt. Rainier is an amazing place, but tough. I’ve been there when responders were needed. Not for us (Washington Trails Crews). They did thank us for smoothing the trail, though.}

Hope your week was fine.

Nancy and John
Still on the Naneum Fan