Not so Nasty News October 30th

Item #1: Rabbits

This from Australia.
Too many

Here is a link for the history buff: beginning in 1859

Apparently rifles are not allowed in AU, so shooting them for food isn’t a solution. Tasty. High quality protein. What’s not to like?

Item #2: Cat, turkey, Flag
Seems there are more cat photos and videos of cats on the web than grains of sand on the World’s beaches.
In this photo a family of 8 or 10 is facing the photographer. Miss Kitty uses the opportunity to have a few bites of turkey (?), I think.
Note, there is an American flag on the left side. This was a family of Asian ancestry.
Do you have Old Glory next to your dining table?

Item #3: Mother would approve

Before there were so many distractions in people’s lives, folks found ways to pass the days of cold and dark, or other induced inactivity, to produce useful things.
Mother crocheted doilies. Use that as a search phrase in images and see the possibilities. They appeared on the arms of the couch, on chairs, and under such things as a vase.
I do not recall a mask. However, just the thing to keep glasses from fogging up. Three cheers.

Item #4: WHAT?

This information appeared in a newspaper when they explicitly promised it would not.
I may have to go into hiding for a year or two.
Perhaps I can sue for millions of dollars.
On the other hand, my aunt that wondered if I was ever going to finish school and get a real job would be satisfied.

Item #5: Things not thought about

Not talking about moving to Florida or about Halloween – –

Ten years ago, when Nancy had a walker for a time, I don’t remember considering the height thereof. First use was a borrowed one. Then we bought, and ordered with large wheels. When no longer needed, we gave that to the group that loaned the first one to us. So, I can’t check if the height was adjustable, or just made for an adult.

Cute kids.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.