Not so Nasty News April 17th

Item #1: Got spuds!

Tuesday we were given a bunch of baking potatoes. Nancy suggested 4; we got a dozen.
Friends know the owner of a “Panic 2020” closed restaurant.
Food meant for paying customers is being given away.
While potatoes can last a long time, they don’t last forever.
So we will have a baked potato for supper.

Item #2: You decide.

Is this a nasty story or a not nasty one? 12 feet.

Item #3: Vitamin D

The 2020 Panic has folks talking about Vitamin D. To be healthy folks need a certain amount. Many folks are usually deficient. Such include those of us in cooler places that stay covered up, those with light colored skin that burn, rather than tan, and people with dark colored skin.
Being out in the sun is the easy way to have Vit.D

In reading about this, I discovered the Fitzpatrick scale.Nancy is NOT supposed to get in the Sun, and is taking 5,000 units per day. 800 is recommended. We don’t recall being told why she is taking so much.
On the other hand, I can’t recall ever discussing this issue with a medical type. A multivitamin pill we have has 400 units, ½ the recommended dose.
This issue is important enough, I suppose, that all of us ought to be better informed and taking a supplement. Over the past 10 days I have been taking out of a bottle with 2,000 units, so now have 2,400 per day.
Having learned about the Fitzpatrick scale, I met my quota of learning one new thing every day. Tomorrow awaits.

Item #4: Bacon

Bacon has some Vitamin D, but is better regarded for its B vitamins. It smells good and is good for you.
We are short of donuts, however. That won’t change breakfast plans.

Item #5: Odd things

Which of these is considered acceptable during Panic 2020?

People that bought and filled in a 2020 planner wasted their money.

Have you gone to a bank teller with a mask on and asked for money?

Quarantine has shown you don’t need fun to have alcohol.

Urban pigeons are depressed. There is no one around to crap on.

Quarantine coffee is just like normal coffee but has rum & cola in the cup, and no coffee.

Relaxation during quarantine: with tweezers, from a large strawberry, remove the seeds and count them.

Ending on a high

I needed to mail a large envelope with 8 sheets of paper inside. At the Post Office the clerk weighed the thing and declared it needed $1.20, and I had numerous stamps.
I put 5 20s on it, and dropped it in the outside box. I started home and called Nancy to report the completed errand.
“Five 20s is only a dollar”, she said.
Back at the Post Office a different clerk said “No problem. I’ll meet you at the outside box.”
And she did. And I said “Bless you.”
Homeward bound.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.