Not so Nasty News OCT 25th

Item #1: Change of Seasons thing

Early in the week, this was a WA DOT camera image from 4 miles west of Snoqualmie Pass at 8:10 AM after snow near the top. I checked about ½ hour later and it looked almost the same. Only difference was the headlights were turned out. Same cars and trucks, with the driver of the 2nd truck out walking around. Maybe he had too much coffee.
Later in the week there was an accident on the I-90 Vantage Bridge with a long clean-up time. Most recent was a semi-truck fire at the top of the Pass.
Not to be left out, limbs came down on the power line leading out our way. That was just before 3 PM. I tried to get Nancy to go to town to eat supper. Unfortunately, they fixed it before we could go. So, not only do I have to do something about supper, I have to get this posting finished.

Item #2: Sue inspecting Black Walnuts
When the wind blows hard, a lot of Black Walnuts fall. Because they fall on the gravel driveway there is a bit of work cleaning them up. So here is homeowner lesson #81.
Do not plant things that make a mess where you do not want a mess.

Item #3: Colors

The Cherry tree leaves are mostly a drab green/brown mix. But we have a volunteer tree that has yet to produce fruit. However, it does generate a nice color as cold and dwindling sun hours shut it down.
I noticed the color is similar to nearby Strawberry plants.
The image below has the berry plant image imposed on the tree leaves. I wonder if, when the tree does have fruit, will they be strawberries?

Here is another interesting combination of colors: Lichens and rock.The rock is made of white and black minerals. The blue-green lichen is about the size of a 50¢ coin. I’d like a better focused image. Wishes!
I’d also like to say something about these things but I can’t because I don’t know anything.
The Wikipedia entry for Lichen is quite long, with lots of photos. Link

Item #4: Cartoon to ‘list Song’

I saw this cartoon. Seems like some of us have survived more than 5 ends of the world. The singer, Billy Joel took a crack at making a list in the late 1980s, and in 1989 gave us We didn’t start the fire.

His list goes from the year he was born (1949) to 1989. I’m a bit older so I’d start with WWII’s D-Day. We could add events from the last 30 years.

Item #5: Science pun

There is not an image for this one, so the one here is just because.

And the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words.
This is helpful because it allows us to derive the unit of feminine beauty.
It is written of oh so beautiful Helen of Troy that she had “a face that launched a thousand ships”.
From which we get the “Millihelen”.
Beauty sufficient to launch one ship.

More, in case you did not like that.
“You never appreciate what you have till it’s gone. Toilet paper is a good example.”
“When I was a kid, I heard Excuse my French just after a swear word… I’ll never forget my first day of class when my teacher asked if any of us knew any French.”

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.