Not so Nasty News Oct 12

Item #1: Baby Pine cones

Above: Small 1 year old cones surround the new vegetative growth in the center – this young growth is called a candle and will become stem and needles.
Ponderosa pines have a difficult environment. Precipitation comes as rain and snow in the low-sun season, with dry summers.
Right: the cones look hard and woody but inside they are green; same with the “candle”, but my camera and the sun conspired to get that washed out.
As a fire prevention measure “firewise” folks suggest keeping the area under trees vegetatively sparse, and to cut branches off up to 20 feet above the ground. The bark is thick and resists burning and withstands low-intensity surface fires.
Yes, I’ve been trimming pines and cleaning up the limbs.

Item #2: Plastic antlers

A Pennsylvania bakery created a wedding cake resembling a life-size deer.
So what sort of cake was it?
What happened to the front hoofs?

Further, I don’t like that sort of hard icing. Vanilla-mocha buttercream it is not.

Further, I don’t like that sort of hard icing. Vanilla-mocha buttercream it is not. See: This looks nice.
I have a birthday in 84 days. Hint.

Item #3:

One ship:
Recall the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words.
This is helpful because it allows us to derive the unit of human beauty.
It is written of oh so beautiful Helen of Troy that she had “a face that launched a thousand ships”.
From which we get the “Millihelen”.
Beauty sufficient to launch one ship.

I enjoy scientific puns, such as:
I think that angry flask completely over-reacted.
I like to hear chemistry puns, periodically.
Make like a proton and stay positive.

. . . or . . .
There are lots of chemistry puns, but many won’t get a good reaction.

Item #4: Beer

This is from Salt Lake City.. . . the semitrailer veered and fell from a street and into the church’s car parking zone after it was hit by a pickup truck that ran a crimson gentle . . .

crimson gentle
Say what? Well, it is a good day when I learn something new.
Do you have “Gentle” technology where you live?
Defeating Crimson Gentle Digital camera Tickets

Item #5: What to wear?

When you leave the house in the morning, take appropriate footwear.

From the weather center:
Denver goes from 83 to 19 degrees in just 18 hours

Will there be cold and snow.
You might want to take a jacket.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.