Not so Nasty News Sept 13th

Image above is from the web. {classic cars dot com}

Note the non-metal roof — oak wood covered with water proof material.

Fordy was a 1935 Ford belonging to Nancy’s dad. We had her until sometime in our Idaho days. She needed costly repairs from age and nasty weather and we did not have a garage. We could have paid for restoration or build a garage – but not both.
We knew a lady that wanted Fordy. While a young girl living in San Jose, her father had a dealership and they owned a car like this one.
So we sold the car to her. She sent it off to SE Oregon (I think) to have it restored. Two years and ten thousand dollars later, she got it back. We’ve lost track.
Nancy learned (young) how to drive Fordy from her dad. At 16 she used it as her ‘around town’ car. And we used in for our honeymoon travels.

So what brought back this memory.
Well, recent Hurricane Dorian did a lot of damage but missed an opportunity to follow the path of the 1938 New England hurricane.

While searching historical storm damage, a fellow found the following image. It made me sad to see the cars – new then – standing in water. I’d bet that in the water somewhere there is a 1935 Ford.
They were made of steel, and quite heavy. New cars float.

Toowomba, Australia – January 2011

The 1938 storm did not have a name. The US began using female names in 1953, and in 1978/1979 names came from both female and male lists.

Item #2: Going fishing

Not really, but we are going to be busy the next 3 days. I haven’t run across really neat news to report, and – come Sunday evening – it is doubtful I’ll be feeling like working on Nancy’s entries for the week. I’m thinking Monday, but, who knows?

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.