Snow Lake Trail – Two

work site Aug 1 & 2

First photo below:
John’s feet are in the trail. It should be 3 times as wide.
In the center of the view, past the people, there is a small cross-trail drain, for when there is lots of water (none here now).
Flat topped rocks on either side allow hikers to step across when, in this spot, the water is no more than 6 inches deep.

A large rock tipping into the trail, with only a small part showing, made the trail narrow. The photo was taken after digging exposed the size and shape of the rock. The rock will be taken out, and the hole filled. The rock will be used as a step, nearby. The person in the purple shirt holds a shovel handle in her right hand. Beyond that handle is a ragged series of rocks, in the trail. Hikers have to go up that small slope to continue. That rough ascent will be cleaned out and replaced with rock steps.
In the photo below – the center (just right of the white bucket) is where the rock was. The hole has been filled and the trail widened and a rock base is taking shape. Sorry, I don’t have a final photo, but may add one later.
Note the small white rocks (chips) scattered in the trail. These, and about 40 more ½ buckets of chips came from about 100 yards away. Years ago a rock fall destroyed the trail. Crews used sledge hammers (aka ‘double-jacks’) to break rocks and make a trail across. The result from clearing a trail across the rockfall can be seen below, follow the red dots.