Not so nasty news June 7

NANCY IS NOT FINISHED with her text and photos.
I’ve just returned from the 3rd day of trail work, and fixed a pizza for supper.
I’ll work on getting her next missive out before Noon Monday. ~ ~~ ~

Item #1: ImagesA WTA crew was working on a re-route of a trail, basically a new 2,000 foot section, across a Sage Brush/Steppe hillside. The above photo shows an early user. (location: Manastasch Ridge, southwest of Ellensburg.
I think this is a North American Racer [ Coluber constrictor ] .
Photo is by Beth Macinko, our Blue Hat crew leader.

Item #2: Some things I did not know.

News this week has been filled with stories and images of the planning for and actual invasion of Normandy as the Allied forces began the end of World War II. For planning purposes the actual day may not be known, and when known, keeping it a secret is desired. The “filler” in communications is “D-Day” and there is also “H-Hour.” When the decision on these times is known, all involved will be notified as needed.
For Normandy, D-Day and H-Hour were June 6th and 6:30 AM local time.
The timing is explained here: Moonlight and Tides
I’ve included part of one of the images from that story.
The things in the air above the ships are Barrage Balloons, meant as a barrier to low flying planes. A bit more here ( Blimps on D-Day – with photo.
If you want a general history, go < strong> Here.

Item #3: And another thingPresident Trump mentioned Queen Elizabeth’s WWII service as a truck mechanic. The black & white image shows Princess Elizabeth over an engine. Note the number – 36086. The tinted image shows her in front of that truck. And you thought she was just another silly Royal.
Much of this interesting story is here: Wartime Mechanic

Item #4: Mt. RainierThe red dot is about where the climbers got caught in a storm.

Climbers were plucked off Mt. Rainier this week. The climbers were prepared, but ‘bad luck’ won out, expert says. Link

I’m not an expert, but they are all still alive and not too damaged. Four state and federal agencies, 20+ people, EMT vehicles, and one or more helicopters were used in getting the 4 off the 13,500 level. These are the experts – and they had very good luck.

Item #5: I was headed west
This morning I headed down the on-ramp west of EBRG. I had a brief view such as shown here of a truck roll-over.

Had such an accident happened in the west bound lanes I would not have made it to the trail where I worked with a WTA crew.
Also, the driver was not hurt. All good news.
However, rain fell while we worked at about 2,800 feet, with rare breaks and sunshine. Meanwhile, when we could see it, the ridge to our east (and up another 1,500 feet) had newly fallen snow.
The rain made a mess in the digging we were doing, and the cold did not help. Harder rain and possible lightning were forecast for afternoon. We left about 1:30, an hour earlier than usual, and that’s the good news.
Home stayed dry and sunny, all day.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.