Not so nasty news May 31

Item #1: ImagesHasani, and mother Olivia

Item #2: Progress

The word for “handsome” in Swahili is Hasani. However, when born, the giraffe had less than handsome back legs. Horses sometimes have the same problem, so an equine veterinarian was consulted. Where from, you might ask. Kentucky, of course. Orange line, right, shows length of taping. This is seen in the video in the link below.
Hansani, of Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, is now shoe-free.

Item #3: Beer or Snacks

We were returning from Cle Elum with a slow moving delivery van in front of us. Nancy was driving and friend Kristin was on the right; me in the back. Eventually I commented that the truck looked like a snacks delivery vehicle. Kristin thought it was a beer company. She was correct.
I don’t drink a lot of beer and this was a Mexican import. I was thinking of a company split off from Kraft Foods, called Mondelēz. Some of the brands are shown below, right side.Although not the small van we followed, the truck on the left side shows what the brand looks like.
When I looked up Modelo, I learned about Mexico’s second wealthiest woman {1st I don’t know); here’s the link, with photo:

Item #4: First filling station

Following the theme of women of industry, here is a somewhat older story.

4 minute video: Bertha Benz
There is a version that has sub-titles. I can’t figure out a proper link to it.

The fuel she used

Ligroin was used to refuel the world’s first production automobile, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen, on a long distance journey between Mannheim and Pforzheim. Bertha Benz added ligroin to the vehicle at a pharmacy in Wiesloch, making it the first filling station in history.
The video shows her needing fuel, searching for the pharmacist, and with a village girl’s quick eyes and a nod, finds him having lunch.
Bertha died at age 95; 4 months after I enter the world.

Item #5: Change in weather

Back east, after 2 weeks of nasty weather, it appears things are settling down. However, where the sky becomes clear and winds diminish at night, parts of the normally cold spots from northern Pennsylvania, where I have relatives, may seem a bit cold. For Bradford, PA the National Weather Services thinks “Monday Night Patchy frost, with a low around 37.

That won’t kill the garden plants.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.