Not so nasty news May 24

Item #1: ImagesRelates to Item #4.

Item #2: Tides and Time, again

About 70 miles northwest of Portland, OR.
Coast Guard rescues two trapped by high tide at Ecola State Park.
Story and video here:

Your tax dollars at work
My guess (above) as to where this happened.
Of course on the Park’s website one can find the tide tables.
Sunday the high tide was to be at 2:53 pm
The aircrew conducted the first hoist of the female who was being hit by waves at 12:43 p.m. The next hoist occurred at 1:03 p.m.
There is a saying: Timing is everything!

Item #3: Hopscotch

Would you send a letter to the kids to ‘cease & desist’?

The game pictured here?

The grumpy Speirs Gumley

The solution: Hopscotch chalk ban overturned after outcry from parents.

Item #4: nostalgia
Right: Old Meadville Station

Ride the train

The link is to a railway museum in Canada where folks take little kids to ride an old steam train. I found this link and that reminded me of a train ride I took, I think in the summer of 1963. That’s 56 years ago.
My folks took me to Meadville, about 50 miles northwest of Clarion, where I boarded the Erie Lackawanna train {“The Friendly Service Route”} on its milk-run to Chicago. The train made frequent stops to pick up goods, and being at night, about once an hour there would be bumps and sounds enough to spoil sleep.
In Chicago, I changed to the San Francisco Chief of the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe Railroad. That long ride deposited passengers in Richmond, and a bus took us to Frisco.
Here is a link for a story and the photo at the top: Link

Item #5: A Green Sea Turtle

This story makes a reference to the Game of Thrones, a story that has a turtle named Arya Stark. I admit I’m clueless – well that is a clue, I guess, but I know nothing more.
This Arya was found floating in the ocean northwest of Australia with a large shell wound in June 2018, after being either hit by a boat or attacked by a shark. She was nursed back to health and recently released.
Arya needed blood

Despite knowing nothing about the Game of Thrones, this is still a nice story.

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.