Not so nasty news March 29/30

Item #1: Images

Liberty is a fine thing.

Who is Jeff and why does he have nukes?
Jeff stands for ‘Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion File’ (JEFF).
A part of the Nuclear Energy Agency

Item #2: A first world problem

Celery prices soar

Health food celebrities started a demand for celery juice. In Vancouver B.C., the price of a box has risen from$20 to $100 or more. A new crop isn’t expected to easy this burden until August.
Maybe they could use Cauliflower (there is green Broccoflower) and Fast Green FCF (aka Green Dye #3).
Or drink beer.

Item #3: A Tree Story
Not the tree ==>
of this story

Photo shows what trail crews often have to deal with.

Tipped over tree, stands back up

In our WTA trail-crew safety talks, we mention problem trees. It seems odd, but a fallen tree can stand back up. This is an issue if we have to cut and move one from a trail. The story here is of one that came back up without being disturbed.
In this story, a boy is in the hole where the roots came from.
He lived.

Item #4:

Good or bad (?), more electric autos are in our future. Current chemistry for EVs involves Lithium.
Li found in Western Australia
From Economics 101, we learn that demand influences price, and price influences supply. Or substitution: See Celery story! Not yet for Lithium, as far as I know.
Friday morning, an all-electric Chevy Bolt went by me on I-90. It was a nice blue color, but not as nice a blue as my Crosstrek. I had a good look, because she was going only a little faster than I was. Also, the smaller gas autos, as is mine, will go about 500 miles on a full tank. On and off the street for a fill-up takes 7 minutes. For us this may be the future. For some the future is now.
Better concept for a warmer place than we now live.

Item #5: Brineura
This is a new drug, the only medicine to treat Batten disease. News to you, too?


The nasty news: Brineura costs $850,000 per person for one year’s supply.
Tom Strahan, 6, was the first Australian to receive the drug called Brineura, when his family moved to Italy so he could be part of a clinical trial. That can’t be an easy thing to do.
Isn’t science and modern medicine astounding?

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.