Not so nasty news January 11

Item #1: Calvin and Hobbes
The story of C & H

This is about a book about the comic strip and its author. I have looked at many of the strips, but never knew the history. It was published for 10 years, then stopped. Worth a read.
The creator of C & H, Bill Watterson, showed that when Calvin looked at Hobbes he saw a six foot tall tiger. It was not a play-thing, but a real talking tiger.

Item #2: She survived
“We will not stop until we find out the cause.”

This story has two videos: 1 is the fall, repeated several times; 2 is the clean-up.

Item #3: Got coffee?
Make art. I’m not looking for a hobby. You might be, so think of using other liquids with or instead of coffee. Colors might be nice. Natural pigments often fade with time. Expect to do some experimentation.
The image here is of white blocks with the image on the surface. The main one has an outline of Washington State overlain with two trees.
Within the text there is a link to his site ‘Coffee on Canvas’.

Item #4: Got chickens?
Central Saanich is the area, north of Victoria, B.C. where you will also find the Butchart Gardens, a much visited tourist attraction. Being a “central” place, there must be others, and in fact there is an entire Saanich Peninsula. Apparently this is the region that certain native people consider to be where they emerged, that being the meaning of the word Saanich. It is a very nice place, and if I emerged there I’d likely still be there.
With European settlement, the district began as a farming community, and many hobby farms, along with a handful of small working farms and vineyards, still exist. In recent decades, the area has seen increasingly residential development.
Perhaps this helps explain why there is a flock of 60 or so chickens with origin unknown, running around and laying a few eggs. The news article ends with the hypothesis that the hens are past their prime, and were turned loose because the owner did not want to deal with them.
I’ll guess this question will be resolved.
Eggs in Central Saanich

Item #5: Got snow?
We have snow on the ground but none in the forecast. Maybe a week from now that will change. With the ground cold and the air cooling at night, we get fog. This isn’t serious “don’t drive” sort of fog, but it seems to make the temperature “feel” a lot colder.
Central Europe just got a load of snow. I sometimes exchange info with a person from England. He went to Austria and is now stranded in a ski-town. Claims there is plenty of Apple Strudel so he wasn’t complaining.
Meanwhile, back in the States, air in the western plains seems to be getting set to send storms from western Missouri to the Appalachians and the eastern coast. Some of this is fairly far south and will cause a mess if the snow depths are near the high side.
We lived in Cincinnati during two winters. I think it was the end of January storm ( 1967 Blizzard ) that I remember. This report is from Chicago where 16.4 inches fell in one day. In Cincy we got 10 inches. Cincy did not have the plows, trucks, and crews to deal with snow. People abandoned vehicles in the middle of streets. Having come from a small town where snow was expected, the small town hardly slowed down. Cincy was shut down.
So, for any in the path – Got Apple Strudel?

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.