Not so nasty news Dec 14

Item #1: A big tree story
Not many trees get as tall as this one. Story: Centurion
Eucalyptus regnans Link is a flowering evergreen and a hardwood tree.The one pictured is the tallest one alive, although one that had died and fallen was much taller.
It looks healthy, so I will report back every 10 years until it falls.


Item #2: Where not to build a house

Just about everyone has heard of the white cliffs of dover. Some folks have actually seen these bright white cliffs of marine chalk. [ Link ].
Along the same coast, but 40 miles west, is a related exposure of white cliff, but less high. Being between the cliff and the Strait of Dover is hard to pass up.
Rock cliffs do have the unfortunate character of breaking into chunks and falling. A person could get hurt.
Not this time
Homeless is better than dead, so that’s the good news.

Item #3: Can you smell chlorine?
Say you have an old town with lots of old pipes. How do you find the leaks?
We’ve been associating with bird dogs for a long time. Brother Kenny got one when I was still in high school. Nancy and I have seen all sorts of birddogs in action. Obviously if you need something sniffed out, you need a dog. Here is the story of a Springer Spaniel that helps find water leaks.
the nose knows

Item #4: another tree story

Bosco Verticale

Use Google Earth or something similar and search: Bosco Verticale

Well, again, I’d like to keep track of this operation every few years to see how things work out. Can you think of anything that could go wrong? There is the adage: Murphy’s Law – “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. {While Murphy is out of town.}

Item #5: Seems a bit too large

And that, for this week, is the not so nasty news.