Why the posting is late – again

We are traveling today to:

. . . a 2 p.m. chef extravaganza at White Heron Cellars winery at Trinidad. A guest chef will create dishes from local produce for a buffet and wine tasting.
This is a Sunday event, but part of
Quincy Farmer Consumer Awareness Day,
that is (was) Saturday.**

Nancy plans on taking photos and including the event in the coming blog on Monday or Tuesday. I guess that depends on how much wine I drink.

**I’m not sure I believe this:

The Farmer Consumer Awareness Day began in 1981 after a Quincy farmer, Dennis Highashiyama, was listening to the late radioman Paul Harvey who was talking with a female listener. She blamed farmers for the high cost of food and said farmers weren’t needed because people got their food from grocery stores.

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